11.30.99 Sorry no update, something important came up and now I have to go out of town I'll be back ASAP! I recommend you join the update list to be   notified when I update!

11.26.99 I forgot to do an update before I left again so everyone will just have to wait till Monday night=) I've finally decided that with my schedule its just to dang hard to do all this site by myself and I need some help... I have yet to get the cast & characters section online due to lack of time to write it up. Would anyone be interested in writing a bio for one or more characters from the show? I will need them from all 3 seasons and and if anyone wanted to write the personal bio's of the actors feel free to do so.  Also I wanted to get some more screen savers up and I know several months ago a few people offered to make some but I didn't have the images at the time, well now I have the images but not the emails from the people that offered! =(  Can anyone make us some screen savers? (PC or Mac) Please only send what you made yourself, I hate having to turn down offers but if there taken from another site I feel I have no choice. I have been agonizing about posting something from a site that shut down almost a year ago and I have made an effort to contact the owner of the site with no luck so as you can see it's something I feel rather strongly about.

11.20.99 I had fun at Comdex and had a blast on the promenade of DS9 at the Hilton in Vegas. I got annoyed with a Ferengi because they closed Quarks bar for a private party and he offered to reopen it if I cared to outbid the other party. Typical Ferengi! Then a Klingon got involved in the mess... and to think all I wanted was a Raktajino. It was a trip being entertained by the two of them arguing and interacting with me. I cant wait to go back! I was like a kid in a candy store there, the place is huge (60,000 square feet)  and modeled to look like various parts of DS9 including all the forum shops on the promenade like Garak's Clothiers, Zek's Grand Emporium, Moogie's Trading Post and a few others.  I didn't have time to check out the star trek museum or the ride but I did have a lot of fun though=)  Imagine having a rather attractive Klingon all to yourself for 20 minutes then a Ferengi for another 10! It was sooo temping to touch him to find out what the makeup felt like and how it was made. It was awesome and incredibly real looking! and I even got to be a Borg... yep, got proof too=) (probably will regret putting my pic up) I think I made a rather cute Borg and yes of course the image was retouched. I love professional pictures, there so much easier to fix when a goof is found. I cant wait till March when Interop comes so I can go back, maybe I'll just have to get some people together and just go before that=)

ok, the update, opened up the Season 3 Images section (finally!) as well as posted stories by Roguemoon and Delma (adult section).

On another note, I know about the little conspiracy going on to get me to finish "Firsts" and who knows it just might work, I actually started looking at it again but my mind is more on writing this Xmas's fan fic but we'll see. I mainly get inspired by the snow when i'm stuck inside watching it and well it just doesn't snow down here much to my disappointment! When the FY 2000 ends in Sept and the contract ends i'm moving somewhere where is does snow, a lot! Any recommendations? I want a small town, nice salary, low humidity and snow in the winter!

11.17.99 Posted a new story by Roguemoon and 3 new desktop wall papers of Da'an=). I also made a lot of progress in getting the Season 3 images ready, finally found a nifty little program that will just about do all the work for me so maybe by the end of next week I will have them available=) and now a little bad news, i'm heading out of town again tomorrow (COMDEX baby here I come!) and its doubtful I will do another update till Monday but who knows, if i'm back Friday I'll do one then=) Its been nice getting all this time off ( If I wasn't sick and could enjoying wiping out my sick and vacation time) , just took off 2 weeks and will get most off the next week off as well plus the next 2-3 weeks are only 3-4 day work weeks. And all this at full pay, sometimes I just LOVE working for the Navy=) This is really terrible, I feel bad when I go a week without updating while most sites are lucky to update once or twice a month! sigh... the pressures of running a high traffic site... well I'm off to pack!

11.15.99 Posted 1 new story by Sailor Kimera in the Adult section m/m. 1 new story by Roguemoon and ungodly amount of stories by Lyta as well as organized her page to make is much easier to follow her various series and very prolific writing, I don't know where this girl gets so many idea's!

6pm I am now very tired and very frustrated and will mess with the other things I had planned for tonight at another date.

11.14.99 I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep, its true, I really am back. Doubt I'll get anything done tonight since I haven't seen my significant other in well over a week and will be spending time together this evening but tomorrow will be dedicated to getting things posted, fan fic, season 3 images, maybe updating the opening page a bit if I get time. It all depends on how much  I get done and where its being done. Don't forget Xmas is only 5 weeks away so if anyone is planning on writing a Xmas fic its best to get it in at least a week before Xmas before everyone's relatives start showing up. I'm already getting into the holiday spirit so get ready to see the site decked out for Xmas come Dec 1!

I'M BACKKKKK!!!!   ok,not really but it sounded nice didn't it? I feel SOOOO MUCH BETTER today=)  Tired as heck from an all day seminar though. Boss sent me to a seminar on "dealing with difficult people with tact and skill" was actually pretty fun and I had a good time. In Jan I'm taking Stress Management and I'm hoping to take one on communication. I'm going home sometime this weekend and plan on spending all day Monday updating the site.  New fanfic and I'm finally going to open the images section with a ton of season 3 images! Going to try and get some desktop images as well and then I need to work on the Xmas site and of course finish Leni's site=) oh and of course maybe I'll even get my personal page finally opened=)


11.9.99 I have discovered hell on earth, its in a place called Los Angeles. Just trying to get down there my new car was almost totaled by some lame ass parked in the middle lane of the 405 then I had to drive streets from hell and this place has obviously never heard of making U-turns the streets are so dam small and pedestrians don't bother looking before crossing the street. I had to wait 5 freekin minutes before I would get across the street and it was only 20 feet! Don't they know the difference between walk and don't walk?! Then when I finally find the dam medical center they have the nerve to charge me $5 for a parking space that took 45 minutes and 7 levels to find! They didn't even warn me I would have to pay that so there went my lunch money. Then I get all checked in only to find they've lost my medical records that were sent down last week! So I have to start making phone calls and raising hell to get them sent again, three hours later they show up and magically so did my lost paperwork. Then while I'm being poked and prodded my car is being ticketed for not properly displaying the temp parking tag... needless to say I was really pissed by the time I finally found the citation review office on the other side of campus and stormed in there and I think I scared the girl behind the desk but the good thing is they time stamp when the permits are issued so I had proof that I paid for it and they had to dismiss it. Then the nightmare of finding the freeway to get home began, an hour later I found it and got to drive in gridlock and bumper to bumper traffic for 4 hours. Next time I'm just taking the dam Metrolink into LA and catching a cab from there! ok, I've vented, I feel much better =) And sorry no update but I'm still out of town and I just remembered my laptop has FrontPage=) I'm out for another week but lots of stuff for the site is filling up my box=)



11.4.99 Due to a family emergency I am taking my leave a week early so I doubt there will be any updates till 17-18th when I'm scheduled to be back. I'm putting all my mailing lists on no mail till I return so anything sent across the lists to me wont get to me and will need to be sent directly to me.

Posted the titles for 21 of the 24 season 3 episodes. I will get Lyta's stories up before I leave in the morning.

11.2.99 Posted 3 new stories by Lyta. Many thanks for all the get well wishes I received, I should be fine in a week or two I just hope it gets better then it has been this week! Doc said I have strep throat, a respiratory infection and I broke a toe! So on antibiotic's we go. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to go back to work tomorrow, I'm already cutting into my vacation time i'm taking to go to COMDEX =(

11.1.99 Posted a new story by Track Harnack. I woke up this morning in serious pain and it is appearing to be strep throat so I may be out of commission for a few days but I will make sure I post a bunch of stuff before I leave for COMDEX on the 9th=)

10.29.99 Posted new stories by Lyta and Tracy Harnack.

10.21.99 Posted 2 new stories by Lyta. I was inspired today for some new idea's for the site so we'll be getting some new things soon from Video to Season 3 pictures to some other goodies no one else has=)

10.19.99 Posted 2 new stories by Tracy Harnack. I received quite a bit of email from people thanking me for the little Bingo thing. I was thinking of starting a mailing list and sending out work related stuff  (like Dilbert or the Bingo one) on one and inspiration stuff on another. Anyone interested?

10.18.99 This is very OT: I found something while at the lab today that I just had to share with all the folks in the corporate/government world. Ever get tired of all those boring meetings and conference calls where they use words like "Synergy, Bandwidth, Teamwork, Infrastructure, Empower, Game Plan or Corporate prospective"? Well here's something to keep you entertained and awake... Bullsh*t Bingo!

10.17.99 Posted 3 new stories by Lyta. ok, now I have a few minutes, for those wondering I made it though the earthquake ok, just a little shaken, its all the aftershocks that are getting on my nerves. I swear after the contract is up at the end of FI 2000 i'm moving out of California. I've been here way to long! There have been almost 100 after shocks =(

10.6.99 The season 3 EFC intro is now available at http://www.roddenberry.com/multimedia/efc3main.multimedia.html

10.4.99 Posted a new story by Roguemoon and there is now a tribute to David Hemblen website. Who knows, maybe it will end up being his fan club! As far as I know there's nothing in the works but if he ever decides he wants one I think Inessa would be good at running the club! She has certainly put in the time creating the site!=)
dhfc.jpg (11308 bytes)


10.2.99 Its not much of an update but I posted 4 stories by Lyta and 1 by Zelda.  I found what is supposed to be the transcript for "Crackdown" you can find it at http://www.cableregina.com/users/youck/efc/tscript.htm Based on what the people that attended Con-monality and got to watch parts of the filming say its pretty accurate. I'll have an announcement tomorrow.

9.30.99 wow, cant believe I wrote that a week ago! Today is the last day of the fiscal year so I'll actually have some down time this weekend to finally do an update! =)

9.25.99 Sorry I haven't done any update's  in the last week or so things have been nuts! I'll explain later if I get time.

9.17.99 A chat with EFC director Ross Clyde has been scheduled this weekend.
Chat with Ross Clyde the Director of 10 EFC episodes
Sat Sept 18 at 6 pm  EST (3pm Pacific) at RODDENBERRY.COM

Leni Parker will be at a Mad Media conventions this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin and Wendytii from the EFC chatroom and Tribune will also be there helping to promote the EFC books.

For more info check out http://www.madmedia.org/

Sorry I didn't find out about this sooner but I've had very little time for the last 6 months because of work! =(

I also have some new stories but don't have time to post them, will try to do that Monday when I'm back.

The transcript of August 21st's chat with Majel Roddenberry is now available. The highlights of the chat have been provided by Lablanche here. Thanks to both Majel and Lablanche!

Posted two recent interviews with David Kirshner and one recent one from Kevin Kilner. All three were eye opening. It appears Kilner had a little temper problem. Read all three for complete details in the interviews section!

Added the official site's screen saver in the screen saver section.

Added the following fan fic's (see what happens when I take a week off? They all decide to send me stories so i'm swamped when I come back!=) Some of these stories were saved using something new and can only be viewed using browsers that are 4.0 and above (IE and Netscape) If you have 4.0 or above and find a story that is not up to spec's formatting wise please email me with the name of the story, your browser and version. Thanks. My appoligies to the 13% of visitors still using version's 3 and below that will not be able to view parts of the site.

The Face of an Enemy, the Face of a Friend Part II
The Face of an Enemy, the Face of a Friend Part III
As Dreams Are Made On

Illusions II  (Adult section m/f)

In Your Eyes
I Dreamed A Dream

A Fathers Quest
Silence's Fire

New Author's:
Levels of Reality

Help Wanted

And finally a sad note, last week we received word that James White who was writing two E: FC novels passed away. Here is the email from Dave used with his permission, our thanks for providing the info. Our thoughts and prayers go to James's family and friends.

From: "Dave Bushe"

It is with deepest regret that I pass on the news of the untimely death of James

As many of you know James was writing the official EFC novels. These novels were
to deal with the story of Ma'el. As to the status of these novels, the first had been submitted for approval in the first draft form. The second was a work in progress.

I would like to extended my deepest sympathies to James's family, in particular his wife Peggy.


8.28.99 Moved all the old updates here and decided to keep my personal comments on a separate page.

8.24.99  I posted 2 stories by Roguemoon, 4 by Lyta and 1 by Sailor Kimera (Adult section).

8.20.99 I am officially out for the weekend and wont be doing any email. See you all when I get back!

8.18.99 Tomorrow I get moved over the DoD gov. network so that means no more POP email for me during the day so its going to be taking even longer to do my email!=( no site updates from work either=(  I will be giving out my gov addy to those that have need to contact me during the day. Wondering if your one of those people? Chances are if you know my real name you'll be getting it.

8.17.99 I'm in a good mood (and still high from those wonderful drugs the doctor gave me for a blasted asthma attack) I have decided to stop publicly offering POP email accounts since I received a rather rude and demanding email from someone wanting one. Its not cheep to maintain this site and to have someone start demanding something well it just put a bad taste in my mouth. I received something from my very good friend Dot right after I got that rather demanding email and well I'd just like to share it with you all. I'm also adding it to the Inspiration section. This is not directed at anyone but it did make me laugh and chill=) To those that are wondering what's going on in my head i'm  just going through a rough time with some personal issue's and its gotten me a little moody. Ok, more then a little moody but it will clear up in a few weeks=)

I posted these in the adult section.
Impossible Love? Part III by Sailor Kimera
Illusions by Delma RM
Between a Reactor and a Hard Place by Green Drazi

And a letter from Majel, Thanks go to Dot for passing it on=) I hope those that attend can keep from acting like idiots but there's always at least one=(

I will be in the chat room "Roddenberry.com" at 3:30 p.m. PST on
Saturday, August 21, 1999.  Hope to speak with you then.

Peace and love,
Majel Barrett Roddenberry

8.13.99 Posted a new story by Roguemoon and I have a killer one coming from Delma for the adult section. I loved it! In other news I have finally started working on my personal home page when I have free time and I'll try to make it public in a week or two and and a last note I have been so happy this week people are wondering what the heck happened! I mean I have been laughing so hard at work its brought tears to my eyes at least twice a day and I have been smiling constantly!=))))))) Anyway I'm going camping for the weekend so I'll post Delma's story when I get back!

8.9.99 I thought I'd share with you all the song that prompted yesterdays thoughts. Its called Dante's Prayer and is in Real Audio format. 1.6mb

8.8.99   I took about a 300-mile drive today during which I did a lot of thinking. About myself and others and how we interact as humans. Although this week has been really busy I took the time to give special attention to someone that really needed it. It's made me realize how alone we really are as people, as individuals. I knew we needed physical contact with another and I don’t mean sexually. I mean to simply be held and hugged, to have someone listen to your problems or to just pay attention to you. Without regular contact we become starved and will go to any that will provide it even if it's negative and bad for our sprits.

    I thought about all my online friends past and present and thought about how much they really mean to me then and now, how they have helped nourish my spirit when there was none other to do so. The "net" has become my personal sanctuary I guess. I thought about how some of you have become important in my life and that I really do miss you when you're gone. Like today I went to the store Barnes & Noble for the first time and was like a kid lost in a candy store. I managed to find a book I'd been looking for since high school and another by an author a good online friend turned me on to and I remember thinking Oh! I can't wait to tell her! But I have been so busy this week and have been in the field and not in my office to catch her when she is on and I realized I how much I miss her even when she gets mad (or at least pretends to be mad=) at me. I realized how much I really love another online friend, a long time online friend. We met online 5 almost 6 years ago and have been though a lot together. When he was diagnosed with cancer I cried with him and barely kept my self from jumping on the next plane across the country so I could hold him and be there in his time of need and mine. He doesn't have much time left now and I fear I am guilty of a crime against this friend I still hold dearly in my heart. When the tumor in his brain started causing erratic behavior and his own fears of dying complicating things I had to say good bye for my own sanity. This person meant much to me, more then I could ever explain much less know till it was to late. When I think of him I feel a mixture of sadness and happiness at the same time. Sad that I lost such a good friend and love and happy that I had had such a friend. One that was completely accepting of me and who I was. It is a rare thing to find a friend like that. A year later I still miss him and just want to hold him and make it all go away.

     I thought of the friends that know my secrets and how well I hide them and envied them to not have to keep there's from the world. I thought about another online friend that despite her condition and pain she manages to be the most outrageous person I know online. She has been working on a story that I have had the privilege to read as she writes it and the world she envisions I can see though her words and wish I could go there. From her writing I shall endeavor to recreate some of what she sees one day. I wonder where she is hiding today since she is always online. I miss her too. I thought of how it feels when a mother loses her child, the feeling that you've been hit by an emotional truck and I thought of how lonely it can be as a human being. I thought of much today.

8.6.99 Added 5 new stories by Lyta. I've decided to start collecting names of beta readers for those's that need them. If you would like to be a beta please drop me a line indicating if its ok to post your availability on the site or give it out only when requested, also include what kinds of stories you will accept. I'm also in need of Alternative adult fanfic beta's as well.

8.4.99 Posted 3 stories by Lyta 6 more to go! Posted 3 new desktop images and a big thanks to Da'el for providing the origional images! Check out Da'el's E:FC page here!

8.1.99 Yesterday I bought a video capture card so now I can take images of the show as well as make video clips and wav's but first I need to get a new video card which I will be getting around the 10th of this month and I can get cracking on a lot of stuff!

7.30.99 Several people have volunteered to make some screen savers for us so if anyone has clear EFC images they would like to contribute please send them to lilli@hughes.net and we'll see what we can get!=) I'm also working on desktop images right now if anyone has large images they would like to contribute for a desktop image=) And since I get quite a few requests from people asking what software do I use I thought I'd share a bit of my inventory list with you. Yes the list is for real, i'm just very spoiled when it comes to software=) Dont forget we switch to POP mail on Sunday!

7.29.99 Posted three stories. One by Sailor Kimera in the adult section and two by Delma RM, one is in the regular section and the other is in the adult section. Way to go girl! I loved it! I hope you continue it into a series=) For those that are curious what I sound like here's your chance to find out. I was playing with something and thought it would be interesting to see what your reactions are or if anyone is even interested. So here it is. My computer had the nerve to page me while I was recording but I left it in there=) And on a side note. If you find something at another site please don't submit it to me, especially as your own. It's stealing and I wont have anything to do with it. Its there for your own personal use, not to distribute to other sites.

7.27.99 Posted a new story by Roguemoon. Quick note: Dot was been swamped lately and will no longer be editing or beta reading stories. She apologizes but will not be making exceptions.

7.26.99 6:30pm PST Drum roll please! We are pleased to announce that The Official Anita La Selva Fan Club has been launched and is now open to the public and accepting members! Club President Ka'ri completed everything last night and is waiting for us all to visit her site en masse an crash the server so be sure to visit!=) hehe


7.26.99 Its always amazed me how simple things such as a scent or a sound can affect our moods and it can be the oddest things. Like with me for example the smell of an Oxygen/Neb mask or the smell of the med. Decadron can put me into a giddy almost blissful state. Or a CD I have will make me slip into what feels like a near death state and I have some amazing visions that seem so real but yet surreal at the same time, and now I'm walking around the office with a huge smile just blissed out from from listening to some favorite music on the 1.5 hr drive into work this morning. People are wondering what's up and what drug I took!=) The last few weeks been incredibly busy and incredibly amazing at the same time. Things are happening as such a fast rate and now I'll be getting a new arrival sometime between Oct and Dec so I'm excited and terrified at the same time over that prospect. I have so much to do between now and then. Moving, preparing a room and possibly starting a new job if I'm not picked up for the final year of the contact.  I almost feel like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland running down the road yelling I'm late! I'm late! I'm late! Its rush, rush, rush! and yet I'm taking it all in, its one long intense high of sorts. Anyway enough of my non sensical babbling!=) I have a big announcement tonight so I'll see you then!

7.19.99 Sorry I haven't posted the last of the stories yet but that nasty thing called real life keeps interfering and I'll be out of town wrking for the next 3 weekends so I wont be doing to much, only what I can get here and there but I'll try! If you cant wait I know some people have posted fan fic's in the forum that you can read=) One of these days i'm just going to have to break down and get an assistant around here but i'm just not ready to do that.

7.17.99 Forgot to link up Lyta's story. Its posted now=)

7.17.99 9pm Posted stories by Lyta, Delma RM and Sailor Kimera (Adult section).

Also I was wondering if any of you are foster parents, if you are please email me.

7.17.99 Its funny, when ever I don't update things regularly a lot of people start signing my guestbook in droves but yet when I do update a few times a week it never gets signed! It's just an observation though, I could be totally wrong=) I'll try and get a few more things up tonight but I wont promise since I'm working with my parents today and tomorrow I'll be pretty busy and I've got the rat(affectionate term eh?) to look after while their here too. Anyway I have a few things on my desk for posting a story or 2 from Lyta, Rougemoon, Sailor Kimera, Delma RM and possibly a new author for the adult section. I still need to read that one though. Have a few more things for the Inspiration section as well. Anyway I need to get to work. I'll try to start posting stuff tonight.

7.14.99 Posted An Unexpected Occurrence Part 3 by Lyta and a story by a new author, Sailor Kimera in the Adult section. Please pay attention to the ratings next to the authors in that section, if you happen to see something you know your going find offensive (such as same gender adult scenes or even human/taelon ones!) then don't read it.  Just because you don't enjoy it doesn't mean someone else wont.

I also added a new section called Inspiration that has things I run across that inspire me or sometimes makes me laugh. There's a few things in there so check it out!


7.13.99 Posted a bunch of wav files from the ep "Defector" a huge thanks! to mellisa for them!=) I've received several fan fic's today and yesterday so I will try to get those up tomorrow=)

7.12.99 LOOKING FOR: Months ago I ran across a short fan fic of a scene with Da'an and Lili being intimate does anyone know who might have wrote that? I wanted to show it to a friend. If you know please email me at boredtech@hughes.net

10pm Posted 3 new stories by Lyta.

7.11.99 Added a chat room. Posted a story by new author Rougemoon and I have received a bunch of wav files from Mellisa but am having some problems uploading them so they will have to wait till tomorrow and since were getting a lot of power hits from the storm i'm shutting down for the night.

7.10.99 5:30am Something truly upsetting happened last night and it has kept me awake all night on edge. I came very close to being a drive by shooting victim. Someone actually pulled up alongside me on the freeway and pulled a gun on me. I can understand if I was in the city and it happened but this happened on a rural highway. I've lived in a small town all my life where the biggest problem we had was teens taking the local sheriff's patrol car for joy rides. Having a gun pulled on me has rocked my world so to speak and has me on edge and has also kept me awake this entire night and frankly I'm sick of cleaning to pass the time so I'm posting something. Once I chill a bit I'll post some actual site content.

7.2.99 First things first. This has been added to the message forum user agreement:

Due to Trolls (abusers) trying to migrate to this board from other places I have banned the following email service's from registering.

Yahoo and Hotmail

If you would like to register but use a service that is on the banned list please email register@kaarpaaj.com   with the following info: *= Required Info

City, State, Country:
Homepage: http://

Accounts are generally established within a few hours.

Those that already are registered are not affected. I know who all of you are already=)

Now on to the rest of the news:

I wont be able to do the upgrade like I thought this weekend but I do plan on doing it around the 10th when I will have the time and the money to do it. I will be out of town for the holiday and will be back monday night or so but I did get my work laptop back so  I will have access to email and will check the forum at least once a day. I posted 3 new stories by Lyta and I receieved a long one from Tracy Harnack that I still need to read before posting, that girl was so excited about going on her church trip she forgot to send me a summary so i'll have to write one when I get the time=)


6.30.99 I will be doing the upgrade to the full version for the forum much sooner, as in this weekend since the troll we are all trying to escape has refused to stay away even though he was politely asked not to come here. I have asked Tina Price and her wonderful beta lablanche (someone I consider a good friend=) to be forum moderators to help me make sure this is a safe and happy place where  one need not worry about trolls. Lablanche has gracefully accepted and I am awaiting Tina's response. I will be adding a few new forums during the upgrade including Humor and The Rainbow Room (which will be a private password protected forum) I am taking suggestions for other forums as well. I am also looking into getting web based chat software for the site but that is a few weeks away.

6.29.99 I've got the new message forum online and working! When you register please use your real emails address and the no troll rules are in effect, no one is banned as of now and lets hope it stays that way. Please be sure to read the Notes from the admin section before posting.=) I'm slowly getting the links fixed and all the author guest books got wiped out so I will be individually emailing the authors the entries from the old books. I have received a few new fan fics that I'll be posting over the next few days and that's about all I can think of at the moment=)

PLEASE NOTE: The use of your real email is recommend but NOT required. I know some of you only have access at schools or library's, I'm not that short sighted.

6.28.99 I know some of you could not get in and are getting errors all over, ok all of you are. I'm moving the site over today to the new host and plan to have everything up and running. Right now the forum is completely down.

6.25.99 8:30pm Its posted! The Da'an/Boone adult story you have been waiting all week for! Its called Awakenings by Kari Robinson and since its rated NC-17 its posted in the adult section for now till I get the time to implement the new structure I want to use. Enjoy the story and please if you like what you read, write the author or sign the authors guest book letting them know!=) Nothing feels better then a pat on the back saying good job!=)