ok so its not EFC related but it is something I feel strongly about. Disagree? Then read this!

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What do you think will happen to Lili Marquette in the season finale?

A) She dies
B) She brings the Jardians.
C) She comes back pregnant
D) Both B & C
E) I don't know



3.8.00 Still alive and kickin here, hoping to post an update in the next few days=)

2.23.00 OK,  Got snowed in and never made it to the DR and i'm feeling pretty good today so voila an UPDATE!=)   Posted new stories by Delma RM, Lyta, Tracey Harnack, and Zelda. Soon we should be seeing a wonderful, beautifully written Lilli/Da'an Adult story (i.e. when I get off my butt and finish editing it) that I know everyone that reads it is going to love. I know I'm forgetting something but I'm sure I'll remember it by the next update=)

2.22.00 I'm still here and feeling a bit guilty about not updating the site like I used to. I've been sentenced to yet another month in bed and I've had great incentive to stay there thanks to severe pain when I move and the Dr's nickers are in a twit because I started having contractions yesterday (and of course I didn't call him till this afternoon to ask about them=) so he wants me back in his office tomorrow just when a major snow storm is hitting sooo I may be snowed out for a few days so it may be a few more days before an update. I haven't even gotten to go though my email in forever! Oh well, it will give me a chance to stop by the office and get the images off my computer at work so I can possibly get those screen savers done. I know I will be creating one that will be strictly pic's of Da'an and Zo'or in The Cloister since that has been my favorite all time ep of the 3 seasons. btw, any of you watch farscape? What happened to Dargo!?? I missed part 4 of the season finale so last I saw he had just lost consciousness in space over the moon base. I have a ton of other things to say but its all rambling about various TV shows I have been watching since TV is currently my life, since i'm stuck in bed but I'll remain quite and not bore you any further=) Cant you tell I'm BORED?=)

10.12.00 The E:FC soundtrack is now available to order from sonic images for $13.99 US and will ship on 2.29.00 They say clips of the music is available to listen to but they forgot to include the links.  Shipping is a bit on the expensive side for a CD. $4.00 for shipping to the US and Canada and $6.00 elsewhere. I do believe those costs are in US dollars and you may use cash, check or money order.

2.10.00 I'm Back! Its been a long 3 weeks and not a moment of it calm. I just spent the last 8 days living at the hospital (literally) at my mothers bed side who has been extremely ill for some time and became critical. Thankfully they figured out what was wrong with her literally in the nick of time or else she would not be here today. Its a scary (terrifying actually) thing when your mother doesn't know who you are or go's catatonic on you for a day. Thankfully though she is pulling though and is now back home and well on the road to recovery and knows who everyone is!=)  I'm still on bed rest for those of you wondering and the baby is doing fine and growing by leaps and bounds as evident by today's ultrasound=) Poor thing was so active last night he slept though the ultrasound this morning but it was kind of neat because he was being still for once so we could see all his little fingers and toes and such. I took a tape with me to record it and the thing didn't record it! I had hoped to show it to my mom since she couldn't go with me, it was great because the pictures were so clear including finding out it appears to be male which most people don't get to find out for another 4-6 weeks or more! Anyway on to the update! I posted new stories by Lyta, Roguemoon and Tracey. I have also started working on the screen savers since I finally found a program I like and is easy to use, now I just need to get access to all my S3 images! I also hope to start creating more skins for Internet Explorer and do some ICQ ones as well. The official site has finally decided on announcing there plans to sell EFC merchandise at the site and are currently taking suggestions as to what you would like to see.  Lets keep the suggestions clean folks (still vividly remembers a post at PS that was about a life size blow up Sandoval doll that was umm.. correct.).

1.20.00 Hi everyone, I'm finally posting something, yeah! I've be stuck in bed for a couple weeks and will be there till the end of Feb but please don't let that stop you from sending stuff in! I just file it to be posted when I can move and my computer is soon to be outfitted with a wireless keyboard I will actually be able to do regular site maintenance while in bed!=) I'd like to thank everyone that's sent words to encouragement and cards to me=) I saw the Dr today and he said I should be up and around by the end of February. The baby was squirming so much during the ultrasound that the Dr had to guess what his heart rate was because he wouldn't stay still long enough for the machine to register it! This time I got it all on video so my family will actually get to see the little bugger moving like I do every week=) now on to the update! 2 new stories by Tracey. I opened up the skins section, its a really cool toy for IE users. Added a EFC books and merchandise section.

1.7.99 No site update for today as I have been stuck in bed since the 1st and cant be up and sitting working on the site. For you Farscape fans new eps start tonight on SciFi as well as the premiere of LEXX. And now on my some upsetting news.  Something very disturbing has occurred. An imposter has been sending the letter below to mailing lists and clubs and god knows where else but they are in NO WAY associated with this site. While I think it is wonderful that they desire to create a page for Leni I find it distasteful that they have chosen to do so in this manner. They have also made 27 posts on Usenet using this sites name.  This individual can not claim they are not aware this site exists as I have proof they they visited this site about 6-8 hours before sending out there emails. Don't you just love IP's and server logs? The only thing I can be thankful for is the fact this individual is behaving themselves and not causing major problems which we have seen in the past when someone claims to be representing a site or group but I have received several emails from people asking me about this believing it to be me. Obviously I am NOT happy about this when I think of all the time and effort I have put into this site that is known to thousands of visitors as Ka'arpaaj. I have made a name for this site and to have someone do this upsets me to no end!

Taken from the Leni Parker Fan Club mailing list and Message Forum.

Leni's Birthdate
Wednesday, 05-Jan-2000 16:02:36

    Message: writes:

    I have not been able to find Leni's birhdate anywhere, other than the year, which I believe is 1966? Does anyone know what it is. I am putting a tribute page up for her and would love to include it. If anyone could email me I would greatly appreciate it.





1.3.00 Well, for those of you that don't know yet i'm expecting a child in late August and I've been having complications. I'm in my 2nd month and have already had to spend a week on bed rest and several individual days as well. Last night I started having severe cramping and had to go back to the Dr today and it appears the placenta has separated a bit and caused some internal bleeding and a number of blood clots.  I've been reduced to a desk job and extremely light duty but if things do not improve I will be forced on bed rest for quite some time so if your wondering why so slow with updates its a good bet i'm stuck in bed and if it cant be done from a laptop, it will have to wait.

12.31.99 I posted a new story   by Roguemoon and *drum roll* Tina Price's Perchance to Dream part 2 is now available! Its been 5 months and I think were all ready for it! Well its now Jan 1, 2000 00:001 in Moscow Russia. Here's to hoping to god that none of the nuclear missiles decided to launch since the place i'm sitting in right now has one of those missiles aimed at it! For those of you that don't know Russian leader Boris Yeltson welcomed in the new year this morning by resigning. (I actually woke up to the news on with that story) He appointed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to succeed him. Have a happy and safe new year every one and please remember to pick a person you can trust as your DD (Designated Driver) if you plan on drinking!

12.30.99 I got bored and started playing with filters and an image of Zo'or. The results are posted in the Humor section. I posted stories by Tracey Harnack and Kari Robinson. I also stopped by the sphere at the urging of a friend and I found my self laughing my butt off at there musings and comments based on Fox61's summary for the cloister. Here's a direct link to the topic. (Warning: Its PG-13)

Also a notice for everyone: Roddenberry On Nightline Tonight

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, an executive producer of Earth: Final Conflict and Kevin Sorbo's upcoming Andromeda series who played Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, and the voice of the computer on Star Trek, will appear on ABC's Nightline tonight.

The broadcast will feature several science fiction luminaries talking about how humans projected their own future versus how the future is shaping up. Martin Landau of Space: 1999, Charlton Heston of Soylent Green and the Planet of the Apes films, and Whoopi Goldberg of Star Trek: The Next Generation will also appear. Majel Barrett Roddenberry is the widow of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. --ABC


12.29.99 Posted images from Pad'ar and new stories from Tracey Harnack and Roguemoon.

12.28.99 Well this is one Xmas I hope to soon forget and from what I've heard from a few of you yours was just as bad as mine was.  We'll just have to try for a better Xmas next year=) Anyway I have posted a new Story by Roguemoon and posted 165 images from The Cloister which is my favorite ep from the last 3 seasons. I plan on making a screen saver or 2 from it since I think I finally found some software to make them=) I'm also working hard on a new goodie for everyone but I'm sorry to say it will only be available to IE 4 & 5 users since its based on ActiveX technology, its definitely a cool toy. I have been testing it for almost a month now and it seems stable so I'm hoping to have it ready sometime in January for you all.

One more day! I have already received my most precious gift of the year and will share it with you all that do not yet know what it is when I return=) I have posted 2 new stories by Kari Robison that are adorable. One is  about
father/son bonding and the other (my favorite) Boone brings home a puppy to Braedon... without consulting Da'an first. For those of you that haven't read any of Kari's stories she often plays in Tina Price's universe with Tina's blessing. So if your a fan of Tina's you'll LOVE Kari! Word has it Tina's story has been delayed but is expected to be ready by the new year. Happy Holidays Everyone!

What Is Christmas?
   Faith and hope and love, which cannot be bought or sold or bartered, but only given away, are the wellsprings--firm and deep--of Christmas celebrations. These are the gifts without price, the
ornaments incapable of imitation, discovered only within oneself, and are, therefore, unique. They are not always easy to come by, but they are in unlimited supply-- ever in the province of all.

    This Christmas, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion, and replace it with trust.Write a love letter. Share some treasure. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Listen. Apologize if you are wrong. Try to understand. Flout envy. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Appreciate. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little. Laugh a little more. Deserve confidence. Take up arms against malice.Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of this earth. These are inklings of a vast category. . .a mere scratching of the surface. They are simple things. You have heard them all before, but their influence has never been measured.

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!


12.22.99  Added a new story by Roguemoon.  Added a page of  Xmas music.  Yes I know, its in 3 days, I haven't had the time to post them.   Also, Kari Robinson has written the cutest Da'an/Boone story, now if I can just pry it out of her hands and post it! For now you'll just have to do with reading her latest which is posted over at Tina Price's site and its absolutely lovely! And for you Tina Price fans don't despair! Rumor has it that her story will be ready by Xmas! Now DON'T go bugging her asking if its done yet because all it does is sidetrack her and take away the time needed to get that story done! The minute its done I hear about it. Believe me=) It will be posted as soon as its done and believe me my relatives are going to have a fit when I visit because I'll be tying up the phone line all night waiting! I think I was up waiting till 5am last year=)

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12.20.99 I added a new story by Roguemoon and as the UTE awards enters its final nomination days I thought I would  give it a boost of publicity and help bring recognition to those who devote so much time and energy to EFC and bring you the quality stories and websites. So please send in your nominations to those who truly deserve it!

12.15.99 I forgot to tell you I added some Xmas fic's from Lyta, Delma and Tracy yesterday.

12.11.99 It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of the Toys for Tots program. This is a nation wide program that takes NEW toys and gives them to needy children.  I know that 99% of you can afford $5-10 for a new toy so come on and share the holiday spirit! I have seen the faces of these children when they receive these gifts and they are overjoyed! Maybe its because its not my nature to be a grinch when it comes to helping others but I have found that what I give often comes back to me 10 fold in many ways=)

12.7.99 Yours truly is in a MUCH BETTER mood tonight and posted something's that have been floating around the office entertaining us for the holiday season in the new section called "Fun Christmas Timewasters" Elf Bowling is the game of choice around here!

12.6.99 Posted one new story by Delma, Two by Lyta. Installed better chat room that can be connected to via IRC or the web. Added a bunch of Wav files. Added a few links. And I cant remember what the heck all I did last night, I have been absolutely exhausted the last week so my head has been up in the clouds and not down on earth. If you find something else I changed please let me know. Also if you find something wrong or a broken link PLEASE tell me. Nothing makes me madder then to find something's been up for all to see and it contains errors! I have an anonymous little reporting thing at the top of this page for a REASON. Please USE it. I'm crashing into bed now. Night.

12.5.99 Well I've been putting all my nervous energy to work and hopefully everyone will get to see all the new goodies I've been working on next week!=)

12.3.99 I thought I would try something a little different for the update but it didn't work as I'd planned so maybe I'll do it at Xmas=) Anyway I posted a new Xmas pic in the humor section. Posted 2 more eps worth of season 3 images, 3 stories by Lyta and you will notice these little though out the site. They indicate Xmas material is within.
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