Well I've tried to cover all the usual questions in here but I'm sure I've missed a few along the way.

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  1. How do I submit a story/picture/what ever to be posted at your site? (Updated 5.30.99)
  2. Where can I find the EFC sound track?
  3. I'd like to share this site/image/story with a friend. How do I?
  4. When will your next story be out?
  5. Who are you? What is your real name? (Updated 5.30.99)
  6. What is Earth Final Conflict?
  7. When is Earth: Final Conflict on?
  8. oops! I sent someone something you did and they posted/emailed it to.... now what!?
  9. Why didn't you answer my e-mail?
  10. Where can I buy video tapes?
  11. Will you send me a copy of this episode?
  12. You used my image/story/sound/whatever with my permission!
  13. Can I use something from your site on my site?  (Updated 12.20.00)

How do I submit a story/picture/what ever to be posted at your site?

    *Any stories that are submitted in HTML need to be preformatted and look like all the other stories on this site.
    *Stories that were converted into HTML via MS Word 97 will not be excepted as it is not FrontPage compatible and all formatting is lost and it becomes one jumbled paragraph. Just submit the .doc file and save your self the trouble.
    *I prefer stories be submitted in Word 95/97/2000 format. Wordpad and text is acceptable but please include formatting (i.e.:tabs & spacing) to make my job easier.
    *I highly recommend you use a beta reader.
    *To find out how to send attachments click the help button on your email program and look up attachments. Sorry I'm not explaining how to do it but its different for every program.

My stories are listed in 2 or more archives, is that a problem?
Sure is! I take pride in having what few or no others have. So I will not post stories that are already posted at multiple sites. (i.e.: 2 or more) I occasionally make exceptions but that generally occurs only when I personally contact the author myself.

I require a valid email address or ICQ number, preferably your real one,   I don't care if its a remailer that goes to your real one, as long as I can contact you quickly should I need to do so, ICQ is even better. I DO NOT give out your address to ANYONE without your prior permission.

I highly recommend you include an email address for people send there comments to, its a great feeling when someone emails you and says great job! I cant wait to read the next one!

Please make sure you add in the Title and a 1-2-3 or 4 line preview summary of what the story is about, if I don't know I'm not very likely to read it. besides if you don't do it, I will have to and you may not like what or how I wrote it. Here's a sample of what the pages will look like so you'll understand why its important to have the summary.

Feel free to send me a short bio or what ever you want people to know about you and I will put in on the index page where your stories go.

The story must contain a rating G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, R, or XXX.

Don't forget to add the Disclaimer and copyright info. It gets posted much faster if you do it yourself and I don't have to.

For the Adult Archive: Stories containing stuff along the lines of rape, (mentioning someone was raped in the past is ok, including a rape scene is not) child porn and bestiality will be rejected. I will accept stories containing m/f, f/f, m/m, but make sure they are clearly marked!

Lastly: Just because you send it does not mean we will post it. We reserve the right to refuse posting of any material for any reason.


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Where can I find the EFC sound track?

The E:FC soundtrack is now available to order from sonic images for $13.99 US.  They say clips of the music is available to listen to but they forgot to include the links.   Shipping is a bit on the expensive side for a CD. $4.00 for shipping to the US and Canada and $6.00 elsewhere. I do believe those costs are in US dollars and you may use cash, check or money order.

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I'd like to share this site/image/story with a friend. How do I?

I'm flattered that you liked it well enough to want to share it, just send them the webpage address and let them know who did it.




That would give a direct link to (in this case) the image zoortele.gif which would result in several problems namely the author/artist never gets the credit they deserve for taking the time to create the image you so enjoyed and you are in essence altering their work in some cases as the web page may contain explanations or other images that go with it.   I personally find it highly annoying when people do this. Doing direct linking also interferes with tracking, if a page is getting low traffic I am going to remove it to save space and with it that image you enjoyed because I saw no traffic on the actual page. I would assume its not worth its space.


When will your next story be out?

At current I no longer have any plans on writing, I'm tired of the few people rude enough to bitch about my punctuation or this or that or something else. I write as I speak and frankly I don't give a dam about punctuation anymore. I did when I first started and you know what? My story sounded like sh*t and I nearly gave up right then and there. I finally decided to do it my way and I ended up with a pretty good story and if the elite "You need a period here and a comma there" know it alls don't like it then don't read my stuff but for now I'm no longer writing.

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Who are you? What is your real name?

I'm just someone out in cyberspace who got a little bored. As for my real name, I don't give that out, sorry.

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What is Earth Final Conflict?

Click here to find out.

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When is Earth: Final Conflict on?

Find the show in your area.

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oops! I sent someone something you did and they posted/emailed it to someone else and.. and, now what!?

RUN!  Just kidding=) I'm flattered that you liked my work so much you felt you had to share it.  I added this because 3 times this month I have found my own works being posted in places I never intended them to be such as mailing lists and other websites. Sometimes my own name not being included or the story/skit being altered a bit, one person even decided to change the title, which annoyed me to no end, especially since it has stuck! I only allow my work to be posted here because sometimes what I write causes problems, you wouldn't believe the flack I got for Vengeance and I didn't even post the thing! As the copyright says Original Story Ideas 1999, BoredTech. All rights reserved.  No part of this story may be posted in part or full without written permission from me. If you want your friend/spouse/lover/whatever to see it just send them the link address please. I've found that just emailing them a portion of it usually gets me into trouble for something I never did and I rarely get the credit for my own work, not to fair don't ya think? Now if you did what I just said not to do: DON'T issue an immediate public apology, I don't need people thinking I'm some kind of ogre or something, especially when they've already seen several people apologize to me in the past. Then I get yelled at by others because they think I made you do it. What you should do if this does happen is 1)email me 2)email the person you sent to to explaining what happened and request they not send it to anyone else and give them my web site address http://www.kaarpaaj.com 3)Depending on how bad the mess up is will determine whether a public apology will be necessary, only once has this been necessary. Usually a private one works just fine=)

Why didn't you answer my e-mail?

I get upwards of 200+ emails a day, it takes time to sort and read.  Sometimes I need time to think about your question as well. Give me at least a week for an answer, in some cases I don't think an answer is necessary so I don't reply or else I'd never leave the computer, imagine having to reply to 200+ emails a day. It's impossible! Little note: I have a new baby so it may be up to 2-3 weeks before I answer any emails.

Where can I buy video tapes?

The video tapes are available in the UK and in the Sto'or.


Can I use something from your site on my site?

At current were no longer allowing other sites to use our stuff (including images) with the exception of our banner for linking.  Updated 12.20.00