Miracle(177kb)--"What a pity. She could not live as a companion. We might have easily replaced her hands."(Da'an)

Miracle1(106kb)--"It was so exciting here earlier. You should have seen."(Julie) "I did see, the whole world saw."(Boone)

Miracle2(133kb)--"The regeneration of their anatomy still poses our most difficult challenge."(Taelon)

Miracle3(178kb)--"We have done nothing to make a dent in the Taelons agenda."(Lili) "You need to learn patients, Captain. Everything in it's own time."(Doors) "You're assuming we have time."(Lili)

Miracle4(102kb)--"Ne'eg, our foremost Surgeon and Scientist."(Da'an)

Miracle5(174kb)--"Have you been here before?"(Boone) "The souls of our two species have a long history on many different planes."(Da'an)

Miracle6(89.1kb)--The church guy says "Sinuai Euhura"