Mind(108kb)--"Did you access this just to impress me?"(Lili) "Why would I want to impress you?"(Augur) "You tell me."(Lili)

Mind2(105kb)--"We have heard much about your gifts. We are honored by your presence here."(Da'an)

Mind3(179kb)--"You must change your approach to humans. Your way of thinking will lead to the destruction of humanity and the taelon race."(Petranko)

Mind4(161kb)--"She challenged me in public without fear."(Zo'or) "I expect more of you then to reach such a conclusion with so little foundation."(Da'an)

Mind5(164kb)--"Do you believe Katra Petranko has special abilities, Zo'or?"(Sandoval) "She posses a threat to the Synod. It is time to stop her."(Zo'or)

Mind6(89.3kb)--"This is my order and it shall be shared with no one."(Zo'or)

Mind7(63.4kb)--"Are you attempting to invade the Taelon commonality?"(Zo'or)

Mind8(125kb)--"I feel that you are lying."(Zo'or) "I must concur. I do feel a strong connection to you."

Mind9 (96.2kb)--"We are getting nowhere. Your presences is no longer required."(Zo'or)

Mind10(131kb)--"I think it best that we honor Ma'el's intention and not disclose his actions to the Synod."(Da'an)

Mind11(65.7kb)--"I feel that you are lying."(Zo'or)