Free(303kb)--"Our world resides near the core of a star system which we call, Ku'ruva(sp). The four moons of our world have been made inhabitable."(Da'an)

Free3(88kb)--"Secure all access points. 40 k radius from the planetiarium."(Sandoval)

Free4(173kb)--"I remain mystified as to the meaning of your actions. You wish my confusion to endure?"(Da'an)

Free5(64.3kb)--"I speak as freely as my bonds allow."(Da'an)

Free6(60.9kb)--"I, cannot fathom your anger."(Da'an)

Free7(89.6kb)--"Humans confront minimal risks in these procedures."(Da'an)

Free8(153kb)--"We have been taught, not to dread this passage, but fear has a presence, yes."(Da'an)