Flame(53.6kb)--Da'an saying the Taelon word for tubes.

Flame3(79.3kb)--"Just remember. Companions must always be your number one concern."(Lili)

Flame4(137kb)--"Would you object if I ran some tests?"(Belman) "For what?"(Boone) "Well, I won't know until we get in there and look around."(Belman)

Flame5(74.7kb)--"Your CVI appears to be functioning perfectly."(Belman)

Flame6(136kb)--"Augur! You said ah you said I could come back."(Lili) "I don't issue those invitations lightly."(Augur)

Flame7(101kb)--"I need your skills but I don't have a cash card."(Lili) "You think I need your cash card?"(Augur)

Flame8(98.8kb)--"Something not quite right. You need to keep this between you and I."(Lili) "I'll contact you."(Augur)

Flame9(55.2kb)--"Are you sure?"(Lili) "Are you ever going to trust me?"(Augur)

Flame10(108kb)--"I have to get this to Boone immediately."(Lili) "Have you been excused?"(Augur) "Don't push me Augur."(Lili)

Flame11(311kb)--"Commander. I have come to realize that such sacrifices maybe necessary in the course of developing Human Taelon bond."(Da'an)