Defect101- (82.1k) "I draw strength from experiencing this beauty" (Da'an)

Defect102- (153k) "I draw my strength by always remembering how the Jaridians destroyed
our homeworld" (Zo'or)

Defect1 (60.7)"94.2 degrees just perfect."(augur)

Defector2 (74.8kb)"You can tell the exact temperture just by dipping your toe, huh?"(Liam)

Defect39 (94.6kb)"A Taelon has crash landed on Earth and

Defect10-(117kb)"Any indication that Da'an was involved." (Liam) "No but
the pilot that survived was a taelon."(Lili)

Defect11-(54.4)"Pull up the mothership air traffic control sphere"(Liam)

defect12 (130kb)"That's the shuttle being persude... was being persude."(Augur)

Defect13 (102kb)"I can't match any of these energy signatures with any of the shuttles in the current fleet."(Augur)

Defect14 (102kb)"Got a theory as to why."(Liam) "No for once I don't."(Augur)

Defect15 (166kb)"I got to find out was going on."(Liam)"Wait, wait. The Taelons might have found out that we tapped into their air traffic control it could be a trap Liam."(Augur)

Defect17 (103kb)"I have sensed the lost in the commonality of the persuing pilot"(Zo'or)

Defect18 (154kb)"We did navigate across several million light years to get to Earth. Or have you forgotten that Captain?"(Zo'or)

Defector19 (108kb)"Both shuttles were being piloted by taelons."(Lili) "That surprises you?"(Zo'or)

Defector20 (118kb)"I just never been exposed to taelons flying with such aggression."(Lili)

Defect23 (92.2kb)"We have been unable to identify the shuttle, Zo'or. Perhaps, you can assit."(Sandoval)

Defect21 (148kb)"The identification of the shuttles is a taelon matter. Your orders are to locate the surviving pilot."(Zo'or)

Defect52 (126kb)"Da'an is engaged in a taelon ritual we call the Kar'apaaj."(Zo'or)

Defect53 (226kb)"Most enlighted taelons have abandoned the Kar'apaaj but there are still some taelons  who feel compelled to complete it."(Zo'or)

Defect55 (118kb)"They see the ritual as a time for self-examination and renewl."(Zo'or)

Defect58 (146kb)"Da'an has refused to interrupt the Kar'apaaj."(Zo'or)

Defect38 (199kb)"It is inconceivable that you would interrupt me during the Kar'apaaj. You have destroyed this sacred moment."(Da'an)

Defect40 (166kb)"Have you identified the survivor?"(Da'an) "All of your senses are directed towards fullfilling the Ka'arpaaj."(Zo'or)

Defect41(192kb)"If you were not engaged in the enactrinistic ritual you would certainly have sensed this particular taelon pressence in the commonality."(Zo'or)

Defect42 (136kb)"Enough of your miniuplations. I demand to know the identity of the survivor."(Da'an)

Defect43 (47.5kb)"It is Bel'lie."(Zo'or)