Decision6-(90.9kb)"I greet you with gratitude and humble appreciation."(Da'an)

Decision9-(128kb)"We offer the chance to become a voice in the shaping of humanities future." (Da'an)

Decision11-(58.7kb)"Making the jump to interdimensional. I think you will enjoy this." (Lili)

Decision12-(129kb)"For Taelons, there is no fear in naturally passing to the next level."(Da'an)

Decision14-(174kb)"In my brain, the companions have implanted a cyber virus. A CVI. Half computer chip, half taelon germ." (Sandoval)

Decision16-(177kb)"This skrill become an appendage to your central nervous system. Controlled through your CVI." (Sandoval)

Decision17-(231kb)"Respect the life-force within your skrill Boone. Much of what it bares derives from the intensity of your essence." (Da'an)