Anita-(98.2kb)"Jonathan Doors should be given a warm Taelon reception." (Zo'or)

Avatar-(149kb)"James Pike has a CVI...the first to receive this gift." (Boone and Da'an)

Avatar2-(88.8kb)"Who do you think your talking to Jonathan. Some Umrath'ma." (James pike)

Avatar3-(265kb)Taelon language. Pike.

Avatar4-(44.3kb)"I cannot claim to fathom this."(Da'an)

Avatar7-(186kb)"Truth reveals itself in enigma. Let us approach it, with awe."(Da'an)

Avatar8-(95.2kb)"There world is inside the mind they gave you. you. You are in that."(James Pike)

Avatar9-(193kb)"They are afraid...the sleeper will come."(James Pike)

Avatar10-(106kb)"There is much I would have asked this enigma. What confession does he impart to you?"(Da'an)

Avatar11-(110kb)"The workings of the human mind often seem as illusive as our own thoughts."(Da'an)

Avatar12-(38.5kb)"u'hra." taelon language.