Heaven(75.3kb)--"And what is this new world your talking about?"(Zo'or)

Heaven2(96.5kb)--"We are on earth to work with the humans to destroy a common enemy."(Zo'or)

Heaven3(121kb)--"This is unnecessary. Certainly we can come to a mutual beneficial arrangement."(Zo'or)

Heaven4(76.7kb)--"Focus all efforts in regaining navigational control."(Zo'or)

Heaven5(441kb)--"How can you call yourself an evolved being. When you talk of destroying two civilizations to serve your own vanity."(Da'an) "And Taelons are evolved? How many thousands of races have you destroyed with your battle with the Jaridians."(Joyce) "That is a matter of survival."(Da'an)

Heaven6(99.8kb)--"Okay augur let's go. Impress me with your brillance."(Lili)

Heaven7(85.2kb)--"I'm working in the dark here."(Augur) "Well, rumor has it you do your best work in the dark."(Lili)

Heaven8(81.8kb)--"A last ditched effort of a Taelon engineer that refuses to go quietly."(Zo'or)

Joyce(26.4kb)--"Do you want to die?"(Joyce)