9.25.00 Woo hoo! An update! Nothing major but hey its something! I posted new stories by Tracey Harnack and Lyta as well as posted a new humor pic by Mondosh. (Yep he's still around) Now its time for me to hit the sack and get my 4 1/2 hours of sleep. (Did you know you can actually function on that? Leaves you a little brain dead though.) For those of you wondering baby (she's 6 weeks now=) and I are doing fine but the poor thing has reflux and this last week sounded like a bad case of colic thanks to the reflux medicine but she's been blissfully calm for a day and a half now since we stopped the medicine=) I on the other hand have to go back to work in 2 weeks so I can get laid off=) Bad timing I know, the company I work for is closing up and everyone is losing there jobs but I think its a positive, I get to spend more time at home with the baby and get a bit of income, thank god for unemployment! But I am dreading job hunting again=( Anyone know of any openings for well paying jobs? lol j/k!

9.8.00 Hoping to do an update this weekend=)

8.27.00 See Baby News=)

7.29.00 Little note: As everyone knows i'm expecting a baby any day now so it may be up to 2-3 weeks before I answer any emails. AKA: my backs been killing me, I've been having contractions all day, the baby dropped last night right after a visit to the chiropractor and it hurts like %&** and without a doubt the nesting instinct has kicked in. If this baby is not here by Monday I'll get to the post office and get that PO box set up since I know some of you have asked for an addy to send a baby gift to=)

7.26.00 Yours truly got sentenced back to bed rest for a couple weeks thanks to high blood pressure and a nasty case of swelling and sudden weight gain also known as a possible case of Toxemia. I think I just hit the brownies a little to hard and have spent to much time on my feet and stressing over my personal life. Hopefully a week chillin in bed will help and of course making a few dietary changes=)

7.22.00 OK, Its been a few weeks but i'm back, I posted a new story by Tracey Harnack, posted pic's from the ep Arrival and posted about 15 new desktop images that are high quality and very nice! Its been a busy few weeks and I hope I don't have to see the inside of another hospital any time soon! I've been pretty busy between physical therapy for me and looking after my mother since she had major surgery recently and then there's been the fun of settling the birth arraignments! While at the hospital one day I decided to tour the maternity ward just for the heck of it and it scared me half to death! Looked like some sorta torture chamber or something. It was completely barbaric in the way they treated the women in my opinion so i'm more then happy to announce i'm having a home water birth with a midwife! Much calmer and nothing happens if you don't want it unlike in a hospital and most of all the women is respected. Its been shocking to hear of so many birth experiences from women they think were "wonderful" but they don't have a clue how horrible it really was and that it didn't have to happen that way and could have been a truly beautiful experience. Its sad the way laboring women are treated here in America.=( Its no wonder its safer and pleasanter to give birth in 21 other countries. btw, I still don't have a girl name picked out so if you'd like to suggest something feel free to post it on the message forum! PLEASE no names from the show or popular/common names=) I look forward to hearing your suggestions! For those of you that are really interested (ok and a little nosey=) my birth plan is available online=)

7.5.00 Baby News is below. Sorry about not posting any updates lately. Depending on your point of view my personal and professional life has either taken a dive for the worse or the next step in my personal evolution for the better. Either way its left me quite busy.

Something very disturbing happened last week that I have decided to share with you all.

I know i'm taking a big chance in revealing this.

About a week ago I received an email (several actually) from a Fred Carlin <fred@NewYorkOffice.com>. In his very first email he was very rude to me and acted like he was from Tribune. I checked and discovered he was not with Tribune and was nothing more then a fan, a fan that was upsetting a number of other fans. I let him know in no uncertain terms that he was being very rude and I had no interest in dealing with him. It appears this upset Mr. Carlin and he started looking into my personal life. He has been inquiring in some very public online places about me and inquiring about who I work for and giving out my real name and address which he obtained from a public record. This very act may have put my life and that of my very soon to be born child in danger. This is not an over reaction in any way.

You see, about 5 years ago when I first came online I was like most newbies, I was very naive and put a lot of personal info on my web page. I attracted an online stalker but it would be well over a year before I discovered that I had one. We'll call him Mr. X. When Mr. X finally made contact I started noticing some warning flags and told Mr. X to bug off as polite as I could. Well suffice it to say he didn't and things escalated to the point that the police became involved, nothing detoured Mr. X. Including 2 jail sentences for stalking both online and off. Over a 3 year period I received hundreds of terrifying emails from Mr. X and then the phone calls in the middle of the night started... then he showed up at my door... He'd been threatening to but I didn't believe he really knew where I lived but he did. My case was the first of its kind for prosecuting for online stalking in this state and one of the first few ever in the US. A raid of Mr. X's home showed that I'd picked up Mr. X 4 years earlier when I lived in another state and that he'd found me through my web page. He had pictures of me, my friends, copies of all my emails, had the names and address's of my friends, class schedules, even stationary with both our names on it like we lived together! He had hacked all my accounts and obtained my passwords so he had access to everything, even had set up an email account pretending to be me and had been emailing my friends, he even wrote my ex asking questions! The police also found very disturbing things that indicated that Mr. X was getting ready to make his move and this time it would be something permanent. He had developed the "if I cant have you no one else can either" syndrome.

In the attempt to get away from Mr. X I was forced to move 3 times and I lost 2 jobs because of him showing up or calling constantly. I had to change collages and change my identity and my appearance as well as lose some very good friends in this mess since he would follow and harass them trying to find me. Its been almost a year since I last heard from him but I still get calls from friends and the police warning me when he's in the area so I can avoid him as he is still looking for me.

Now we have Mr. Carlin showing up and revealing who is behind the nick BoredTech. I have good reason to believe Mr. X is a fan of EFC and is undoubtedly involved or paying attention at the very least in the online EFC universe but is not aware of who I truly am. I have worked very hard to hide my personal identity online so that I may have a "safe haven" in which to play. It seems Mr. Carlin is intent on destroying that. It was only recently I broke the common belief that I was male and made it well known that I was expecting which let people know I was in fact female. I had hoped to relax and enjoy these last few weeks of what has been an extremely difficult pregnancy till recently. Now I must be on guard and wonder if Mr. X was watching when Mr. Carlin was giving out my info and asking questions he has no business asking to begin with like where I live and who I work for among other questions. For all I know Mr. Carlin could be Mr. X himself! All I can do is pray Mr. X was not around when Mr. Carlin was asking and freely giving out my name and address. If Mr. X was paying attention I'll be forced to yet again move and disappear. Not to fair I think. Why should I have to lose my friends, my home and my identity because Mr. Carlin got to nosey? If he contacts you please do not give him any more info or even acknowledge him.

*Who's praying that Mr. X was not around but due to past experience bets he was.


Baby News

For those of you wanting a pregnancy update, the baby's doing fine. My OB had to pull me off work again so I can go to physical therapy 3 times a week, seems all that bed rest I did (5 months worth) left me pretty weak and when the relaxin kicked in loosening up the joints things got pretty painful and unstable. I may be out of a job because of taking off more time but i'm not going to worry about it. That could very well end up being a good thing, I find that when one door closes very often another one opens up that's got something even better! The baby's due next month and I'm seriously considering having a home water birth. A good family friend offered to let me use her home which is about 15 minutes from here up on the mountain over looking the valley and is surrounded by oaks and pines and all the nature stuff I like so i'm really considering the offer but I just hope I can find a midwife, there's only one in the entire county that i'm aware of. I'm also considering going to a birth center that's about 2 hours away but trying to figure out how i'm going to get there is a bit of a nightmare much less getting there in time. Women in my family are notorious for extremely fast labors (less then 30 min and that's with first baby's!) that would not even allow time to get to the nearest hospital which is an hour away and I don't fancy being airlifted out. For anyone even thinking of telling me i'm irresponsible for even considering a birth outside the hospital you better check your facts first. I used to think that till I started actually doing the research and looking at statistics. Home birth attended by a midwife is a heck of a lot safer. The death rate of either mother or baby in the US for hospital births is 12 per 1,000 births. Its 4 per 1,000 for planned home midwife attended births and those stats come from WHO (the World Health Organization, you know the people that set the standards for healthcare world wide) They strongly advise that OB's only handle high risk births and leave the rest up to midwives who ironically usually have more training or experience then an OB and have been practicing for over a thousand years whereas Obstetrics only appeared in the last two hundred years or so. Thanks to the field of OB its now safer to give birth in 20 other countries then in the US. I've worked to hard and sacrificed to much to risk a hospital birth, especially when you really get down to it, hospital birth in the US is barbaric when compared to other countries. ha! I just talked to the midwife and have an appt to interview her tomorrow so we'll see how it goes! btw, out of this experience so far I've decided that after the baby is here I want to be a doula and pregnancy-childbirth educator.



6.21.00 ok, finally an update! Posted a new story by Tracey Harnack, added a skin of Lilli for winamp, a book and a few pictures for sale in the merchandise section. I've got several fan fic's waiting for me to read from new authors that want there stories posted here so hopefully I'll get to those soon. I know at some point I'll get bored enough at the hotel during the week to read them=) I'm also slowly working on Project: Open Mind and giving my host a headache in the process with the scripting but hopefully they'll have it all figured out by next week but I'm slowly getting other stuff on it done. For those of you wondering NO this project has nothing to do with the resistance and wont be something for kids but is something long over due that should have been started way back in season 1.  It looks like my trip to Las Vegas this weekend is off as it appears there booked solid and now require a 2 night stay for weekends(no Saturday arrivals grrr). I had only planned on staying one night unless I got a really good rate and no way am I paying $300 for a hotel room! Maybe I'll go visit my grandma if she hasn't left for her summer trip and bug my relatives in Palm Springs. That's usually pretty fun plus I get to catch up on all the family gossip. (just horrible I know=)

6.15.00  Some of you may have noticed I've been making changes on the site over the last week without telling you about them. Its been hectic so I haven't the time to write updates for this page so I've just been keeping a list to  tell you what all I've been doing when I get the time. For now you'll just have to actually look for the changes=) I'll basically be out of town for the next 3 weeks having a life, ok a life on the weekend=) Its camping this weekend, Las Vegas next weekend and camping again next weekend.  So I'll slowly be posting new material during the week at work as I get time but like I said you'll just have to actually open your eyes and look=)

6.9.00 E:FC Merchandise Now Available The Sto'or is now open at http://www.efcstore.com

6.8.00 Well reports are finally coming in from the con and it seems only 43 people showed up but so far it seems everyone had a good time. I'm actually kind of glad I missed it. I would have been a bit upset paying all that money and the con itself wasn't that great. Everything I've been hearing was stuff that the fan clubs had scheduled was what made it worth it but if you didn't do anything with the clubs you were pretty bored. I heard the same things last year too.

There's a Farscape con in Burbank California August 5-6th and its like $20/day. Anybody interested in going? It seems most EFC fans I know also watch Farscape and its supposed to be a huge event. So far the guests include Lani Tupu (Captain Crais and the voice of Pilot) Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Virginia Hey, Gigi Edgley, Anthony Simcoe, Kent McCord and series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon. For more info check out http://www.creationent.com/farscape/farscape_con.html

6.4.00 Well reality hit hard last night right as I was about to fall asleep. This baby could be here in as little as 6 weeks! Sooner if my asthma gets out of control again. (the steroids have a nasty side effect of causing preterm labor) I just about freaked feeling so unprepared! I still have a whole list of stuff I need to buy. That little fact reminded me that I need to go get that PO Box since some of you have been bugging me about it=) I'll get it next weekend. I posted baby's latest ultrasound, boy or girl? You decide! I managed to post a new story by Tracey before leaving tonight. Forgot to charge the cell phone so I got delayed and did an update while its charging=) I'll be starting a mailing list in the next few days that I know a number of you will be interested in, more details when I get it all set up but I'll give you a hint, its an alternative list and has been dubbed Project: OpenMind.

For you LEXX fans:
I put in a movie and got a surprise, a preview ad for LEXX, apparently Paramount made a movie and called it Eating Pattern that was supposed to be available in March 1998. It was defiantly Lexx that they showed in the preview though. Looks like Blockbuster carries it, I'll try to rent it soon if they have it locally. http://www.blockbuster.com/mv/detail.jhtml?PRODID=194391&CATID=1080   It does feature the original Xev which i'm not to fond of though.

6.2.00 Well i'm 7 months now and saw the OB again today, looks like the baby has gained about 1.5 pounds in the last 2 weeks and now weighs 3 lbs=) We also got a really really clear look at her face again, she's really filled out! It was so cute! She was moving her mouth like she was nursing, you know, that thing baby's do when there dreaming there eating=) I'll post the pic tomorrow after I get it scanned=) At this rate she's going to weigh 8.5 - 9 lbs. at   birth! Now that's scary, I might have her little butt evicted a month early when she's about 7 lbs. if the Dr says its safe which it should be. Baby's are full term at 36 weeks, so why carry them for 40-42 weeks!?

5.31.00 Well folks looks like were going to hit the 7000 mark for unique visitors this month=) That's an average increase of 1000 visitors each month for the last 2 months=)

5.28.00 Posted new stories by Lyta and Tracey. I had some other things to mention but for the life of me I can't remember them!

5.28.00 I'll post some fan fic's (Tracey and Lyta so far) later tonight and possibly some new pic's. I heard last week what's going to happen during the first 2 eps of S4 and it was a bit disappointing but it was better then the alternative. Leaves possibilities. I do have to admit I loved the Lili/Jaridian thing in Arrival, he really did seem to care for her, and I LOVED Sandoval's comment about Zo'or's mistake in making him is accountant. My big shock this week was the season finale of Voyager! If I hadn't seen a pic of Janeway as a drone before it aired I would have freaked. But I can see what's going to happen in the final season's opening ep so i'm not to worried=) btw, i'm back to work full time so i'm out of town 4-5 days a week so unless I get a few spare minutes at work updates will have to wait till weekends.

5.23.00 Posted a new story by Delma RM. Will post stories by Lyta later this week.

5.21.00 Posted a new story by Tracey Harnack.

5.20.00 I got an idea and it seems to have worked so I took a pic of the tv with my digital camera while the ultrasound video was playing and viola! The pic's are posted here=)

5.19.00 Today was so cool! At today's ultrasound the baby looked right at us so we got to see her face! She has big oval eyes with large pupils, chubby cheeks and a short, flat little nose=) Looks exactly like a baby doll! Looks like she has hair too. We got it on video so i'm going to find someone locally with a capture card and take a pic of that face! The really cool thing that happened was she had her little hand closed in a fist by her chest and slowly lowered it then opened her hand when there was what looked to be a flash of light from her hand! It was so cool, it was just the way things reflected or a glitch or something but it looked like she has Shakarava or something. It was so cool=)

5.14.00 Hey T'than fans, During a chat this afternoon with David Bassom (an event just for Anita LaSilva fan clubs members) revealed that  Michelle (T'than) wont be back for S4 as a Taelon. Turns out she's allergic to the color contacts the Taelons are required to wear.  I don't know what kind of reaction she has to them but I know they hurt pretty bad when I had them on.

While David doesn't work for Tribune, Alliance or Lost Script Productions, he has had a lot of contact with the cast and crew for EFC, and has spent some time on the set and in the fx office as a guest.

David Bassom is a free-lance journalist from the UK, and is currently the news editor of the Official Xena Magazine. He has written articles for: "Heat", "Home Cinema Choice", "What Satellite TV", "Film Review", "What Video & TV", "Total Style", "Satellite Times", "Starburst", "TV Zone", "Star Wars Magazine", "Cult Times", "Infinity", "Shivers", "The Simpsons Comic", "XPosť", "Video Camera", "Babylon 5 Magazine", "Beanie World Monthly", "ETV - Emergency TV Monthly", "Digital Photography Magazine", "Spawn: The Official Poster Magazine", "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Official Poster Magazine"

In addition to the Xena magazine, David has also been a contributing editor in: "Star Trek Monthly" and "The Official X-Files Magazine"

Not only is David an acomplished journalist, he is a published author as well, having written: "Creating Babylon 5", "The A-Z Of Babylon 5", "Keanu Reeves: The Illustrated Story", "Johnny Depp: The Illustrated Story", "Gillian Anderson & David
Duchovny: An Extraordinary Story", "George Clooney: The Illustrated Story" and "Ewan McGregor: The Illustrated Story"

As can you tell David has had a lot of contact not only with EFC, but with most of the science fiction shows out there. As you can probably tell, Babylon 5 is one of his favourites.

David has hours and hours of interviews taped with EFC cast and crew, and has spent several days on set with the cast.

You guys missed a most interesting chat!


5.13.00 I have come to a very important conclusion these last 2 days since I have actually had to go buy maternity clothes... Whoever designs these things should be shot! For some !@#$%^&* reason almost all the shirts have this annoying pleated thing in the front that screams hey! i'm pregnant! I look like a blimp! notice me! feel free to comment on how I look! I haven't had a problem with the fact that yes i'm getting bigger, yes i'm showing but put me in one of those shirts and I want to scream! For anyone that has to deal with a pregnant women here are a few simple rules of what NOT to do or say.

1) The belly is off limits unless she offers for you to feel it.
2) Do not comment on the fact that she has to endure the summer pregnant, we know how hot it gets, why do you think air conditioning was invented? Its not as if we haven't known that since we did the math back in December and realized when the baby would be born, and as if we should be basing our family planning around the weather.
3) Do not feel free to comment on her appearance. Comments such as "hey fatty" or "my god your huge! (or small) is  way out of line. You wouldn't say this to an obese person would you?
4) Do not share pregnancy/birth horror stories with her unless she specifically asks. She has enough to worry about and knows full well every women has a different experience.
5) Do not comment on her material status (that includes making faces) unless you were of the same status when you were in her situation. Just because a women is single does NOT mean she will be a welfare mother or a bad mother.
6) If she says she plans on breast feeding don't tell her your own horror story about how you (or whoever) couldn't do it because your milk didn't come in or you didn't make enough when in fact you quit trying on the 3rd day before your milk even came in! Its not our fault you were uneducated or uninformed about what to expect. This is what La Leche League is for. (yes this is a sore spot with me)
7) Realize that if she's ticked at you it could be because you really are being a dumbass. Not everything is hormones people.
8) Make sure when you mention a "fact" to a pregnant women that is it in fact a fact and not an old wives tale. For example, raising your arms above your head will not cause the cord to wrap around the baby's neck and strangle it. Women these days are not ignorant and chances are they know a heck of a lot more then someone who's last baby was born 10-20 years ago. We insist on being informed.
9) Do not feel free to comment on there choice of names for there child or if they tell you they have not picked one. Chances are they have picked one but are not telling. For some reason people feel the need to comment before its born but after its born and the name is announced only the rudest of the rude would dare comment.
10) Do not ask "How are you feeling?" unless you REALLY want to know.
11) Do not ask "Are you worried about birth defects?" I wasn't until you brought it up... do you think my child is more at risk than others?
12) Do not say "You aren't going to be able to go out anymore, no camping trips either..."  My child will be a nature child, and yes, I  will go out... that's what baby backpacks are for.
13) Do not ask "Are you getting any exercise?" Why? do I look flabbier to you today?
14) Do not ask to attend the birth, if she wants you there she will ASK you.
15) Lastly, just because were pregnant does NOT mean were incapable of doing things! Yes we cant lift that 50lb box anymore or we may put our feet up once in a while but were not invalids!

OK, i'm done venting or rather giving advice=) If you need more advice check out this page.

How did everyone like that Lili/Da'an story? I know a lot of you read it=) For those that are not old enough to read it are you interested in reading a PG-13 version of it?

A lot of you have been eagerly waiting months (literally) for me to finally post that lovely, wonderful adult Lili/Da'an fanfic, well we finally got the formatting straightened out and its posted! You can find it in the adult section and its written by Dot=)

5.5.00 Posted pic's from The Fields. Now for the numbers for the record breaking. We broke the record then broke it again by almost 100 visitors on the 2nd when I posted the T'than out of make up pic's. Any other Taelons you would like to see out of make up? Things will most likely be slowing down around here since I *finally* get to go back to work on Monday! I've been off since Dec because of complications but now the Dr says I can go back!=) I've been working on the baby's website and its almost completed and I hope to have it available by Monday. Cant believe the baby's site gets more traffic then my personal site, oh well I'll just will have to actually put something on it=) btw, This site got about 6000 visitors last month=)

5.1.00 Well we broke the record by a large number, I don't remember the numbers right now but I was excited about it this morning but something's have got on my mind.  Anyway ugh, I cant remember what the heck I was going to say. I do remember 2 things at least.  Disney Has Pulled its ABC Signal Off Time Warner Cable so sorry to you folks that watch ABC and I've gotten my hands on some pic's of T'than as a beer drinking gun toting human=)

4.30.00 Looks like were going to break a record today for busiest month in traffic since the domain was opened 10 months ago=) Only need 193 visitors today to break it. But Sunday does tend to be a slow day so maybe we wont break it but at least we'll come close. At least one record was broken, the hits record surpassed last months record by 38,500+ and I wont get to see today's totals till tomorrow so all in all its been a good month=) OK, got more done then I had planned to today. Posted about 200 images from Apparition and posted a bunch of humor pic's and gave them there own section.  Oh and for that  person that doesn't seem to know, www.kaarpaaj.com belongs to moi, BoredTech =) Doesn't that just put your nickers in a twit? *smirk* Sometimes I love being me=)

4.29.00 5pm Posted a new story by Delma RM and took down the baby poll, I finally looked at the tally's and realized the poll was lost due to host problems.

4.29.00 12am It appears E:FC is in at least 30 countries,  I actually took a look to see what countries my traffic was coming from this month and was surprised there were so many, last I checked a few months ago it was only about 15 countries.

4.28.00 Well I heard the chat went badly and you never even got a chance to talk to Robert Leeshock since it was fully moderated. Just like a TV guide chat. Its easier to just wait for the transcript to be posted.

4.26.00 Wohoo!!!! 6 months pregnant and i'm off bed rest! I've been stuck there since late Dec and I'm ready to go out and have some fun! Think I'll sneak off to Interop in two weeks for a day or two and of course to the Promenade at DS9=) But first i'm going to spend some time enjoying nature, If I can figure out my digital camera hook up I'll see about posting some of the pic's i'm going to take. The countryside/mountains here are coming into full bloom and its absolutely picturesque! I was out in the country today and wished I could have stopped to enjoy the scenery but I was running late as it was and couldn't, oh well... tomorrow!

4.20.00 Finally got around to adding almost 200 season 1 pic's and updated the front page with season 3 images.

4.18.00 Well I've had a busy afternoon and just spent the last 5 hours updating the site. I've added 11 new fanfic's by Roguemoon, Tracey, and Lyta. I've posted images from 9 episodes (about 800 images) Added a pic to the humor section. Added 3 new desktop images and updated the episodes and conventions listing as well as the links page. I'll see about working on the baby's page this week since there seems to be a lot of interest in it.

4.15.00 Well, the word is finally in.  Looks like Richard Chevolleau is leaving the show. He will be in at least 1 ep of season 4 and possibly 3-5 eps, for more details check out his fan club at http://www.chevolleau.com/ and on another sad note those of you that were planning on seeing Leni in London at Pages Bar today I hate to be the bearer of bad new but she had to cancel=(

4.5.00 For those of you wondering where the updates are I've intentionally been putting them off to save you all from my "venting" at peoples attitudes and ignorance of single mothers which has had me rather upset over the last several days so you may notice I've made a change on the site but not mentioned it here its probably because i'm in a mood and decided to just wait till i'm in a more positive mood so my venting doesn't end up going out to everyone and believe me this is a very good thing as my views often seem to offend traditional or sensitive people and well most of you know since becoming pregnant I haven't been to modest with my opinions on things.

4.2.00 I'm finally getting around to updating some other parts of the site since I've been able to get up more in the last few days so over the next week i'm hoping to post a updated list of conventions, season 3 episode pic's, bringing the video section online, updating the FAQ, adding desktop images and a few other things so you should be seeing new stuff soon!

3.30.00 Posted a new story by Roguemoon, and should have one from Tracey tomorrow as well as several by Lyta.

3.23.00 A lot of you have wondered whats going on with the forum at PS. There having problems with there ISP and are trying to restore the board (Per Carl and Eugene).

3.22.00 I have decided to finally get around to doing a web site about asthma since I have found that most people who have it really don't know anything about it. Its kind of a personal crusade for me to educate people about it. You'd be surprised how many people still think its a psychological not a physical problem. (like my aunt who refused to stop smoking around me last month even though i'm pregnant and a severe asthmatic. Her week long visit sent me into respiratory failure last month and  could have caused serious damage to my child or even killed me had I not gotten to the Dr so fast. She still thinks its all in the mind) My goal is to educate these people as well as help asthmatics understand what exactly asthma is and how it can be effectively treated.  There is no reason to be using an inhaler (like Proventil or Albuterol  more then twice a week) Even severe asthmatics can get away these days with only 2 daily treatments of medications if they have a good treatment plan and make some changes around the house. The site will take a few months to put together but I will be creating an update list for those interested to be notified when the site is open.  I will also be creating a newsletter on the latest greatest treatment's in asthma.

3.21.00 12pm I have come to the horrifying revelation that pregnancy has some kind of psychotic mind warping effect on women. I actually caught myself looking at a Winnie the pooh shirt and actually thinking of wearing it! The horror! Thankfully I came to my senses quickly=)

3.19.00 6pm Posted a new story by Lyta.

3.19.00 12am For personal reasons I have decided to take down the UBB forum and put the old Commonality style forum back up. Registration is not required and its much easier to follow and use. I will try to get some other stuff done today as well. For those of you that are fans of Claudia Black from Farscape she is on this weeks episode of Xena: Warrior Princess as an Amazon and has quite a bit of screen time in this ep. f you miss it this weekend you can always catch the rerun on WGN next weekend.

3.18.00 6pm I am so ticked! Time Warner Cable (nation wide cable company in the US)  as of April 15, 2000 will no long carry WGN and instead will be carrying Fox Sports West. Personally I'm not a sports fan so having to pay for yet another sports channel upsets me, loosing WGN REALLY upsets me.  That means I will only get one chance to watch EFC and thanks to cable box's from h*ll you cant exactly record it while your gone.  I know a number of you only get EFC on WGN so if you have Time Warner you better see if this is in your area too!

3.16.00 ya ya ya, I know. Haven't gotten to it. But a nasty thing called preterm labor keeps getting in the way. Anyway my dad is going to be in Wyoming for a couple months and I wanted to get him online to save some money in phone calls. I was thinking of trying VCN (an ISP), anyone tried them or know someone that has that can tell me how there service is?

3.11.00 OK, REALLY going to try to do an update this weekend but for now I'm getting out of this &$#)*& bed for the first time in 3 months and going to see Mission to Mars!

2.23.00 OK,  Got snowed in and never made it to the DR and i'm feeling pretty good today so voila an UPDATE!=)   Posted new stories by Delma RM, Lyta, Tracey Harnack, and Zelda. Soon we should be seeing a wonderful, beautifully written Lilli/Da'an Adult story (i.e. when I get off my butt and finish editing it) that I know everyone that reads it is going to love. I know I'm forgetting something but I'm sure I'll remember it by the next update=)

2.22.00 I'm still here and feeling a bit guilty about not updating the site like I used to. I've been sentenced to yet another month in bed and I've had great incentive to stay there thanks to severe pain when I move and the Dr's nickers are in a twit because I started having contractions yesterday (and of course I didn't call him till this afternoon to ask about them=) so he wants me back in his office tomorrow just when a major snow storm is hitting sooo I may be snowed out for a few days so it may be a few more days before an update. I haven't even gotten to go though my email in forever! Oh well, it will give me a chance to stop by the office and get the images off my computer at work so I can possibly get those screen savers done. I know I will be creating one that will be strictly pic's of Da'an and Zo'or in The Cloister since that has been my favorite all time ep of the 3 seasons. btw, any of you watch farscape? What happened to Dargo!?? I missed part 4 of the season finale so last I saw he had just lost consciousness in space over the moon base. I have a ton of other things to say but its all rambling about various TV shows I have been watching since TV is currently my life, since i'm stuck in bed but I'll remain quite and not bore you any further=) Cant you tell I'm BORED?=)

10.12.00 The E:FC soundtrack is now available to order from sonic images for $13.99 US and will ship on 2.29.00 They say clips of the music is available to listen to but they forgot to include the links.  Shipping is a bit on the expensive side for a CD. $4.00 for shipping to the US and Canada and $6.00 elsewhere. I do believe those costs are in US dollars and you may use cash, check or money order.

2.10.00 I'm Back! Its been a long 3 weeks and not a moment of it calm. I just spent the last 8 days living at the hospital (literally) at my mothers bed side who has been extremely ill for some time and became critical. Thankfully they figured out what was wrong with her literally in the nick of time or else she would not be here today. Its a scary (terrifying actually) thing when your mother doesn't know who you are or go's catatonic on you for a day. Thankfully though she is pulling though and is now back home and well on the road to recovery and knows who everyone is!=)  I'm still on bed rest for those of you wondering and the baby is doing fine and growing by leaps and bounds as evident by today's ultrasound=) Poor thing was so active last night he slept though the ultrasound this morning but it was kind of neat because he was being still for once so we could see all his little fingers and toes and such. I took a tape with me to record it and the thing didn't record it! I had hoped to show it to my mom since she couldn't go with me, it was great because the pictures were so clear including finding out it appears to be male which most people don't get to find out for another 4-6 weeks or more! Anyway on to the update! I posted new stories by Lyta, Roguemoon and Tracey. I have also started working on the screen savers since I finally found a program I like and is easy to use, now I just need to get access to all my S3 images! I also hope to start creating more skins for Internet Explorer and do some ICQ ones as well. The official site has finally decided on announcing there plans to sell EFC merchandise at the site and are currently taking suggestions as to what you would like to see.  Lets keep the suggestions clean folks (still vividly remembers a post at PS that was about a life size blow up Sandoval doll that was umm.. correct.).

1.20.00 Hi everyone, I'm finally posting something, yeah! I've be stuck in bed for a couple weeks and will be there till the end of Feb but please don't let that stop you from sending stuff in! I just file it to be posted when I can move and my computer is soon to be outfitted with a wireless keyboard I will actually be able to do regular site maintenance while in bed!=) I'd like to thank everyone that's sent words to encouragement and cards to me=) I saw the Dr today and he said I should be up and around by the end of February. The baby was squirming so much during the ultrasound that the Dr had to guess what his heart rate was because he wouldn't stay still long enough for the machine to register it! This time I got it all on video so my family will actually get to see the little bugger moving like I do every week=) now on to the update! 2 new stories by Tracey. I opened up the skins section, its a really cool toy for IE users. Added a EFC books and merchandise section.

1.7.99 No site update for today as I have been stuck in bed since the 1st and cant be up and sitting working on the site. For you Farscape fans new eps start tonight on SciFi as well as the premiere of LEXX. And now on my some upsetting news.  Something very disturbing has occurred. An imposter has been sending the letter below to mailing lists and clubs and god knows where else but they are in NO WAY associated with this site. While I think it is wonderful that they desire to create a page for Leni I find it distasteful that they have chosen to do so in this manner. They have also made 27 posts on Usenet using this sites name.  This individual can not claim they are not aware this site exists as I have proof they they visited this site about 6-8 hours before sending out there emails. Don't you just love IP's and server logs? The only thing I can be thankful for is the fact this individual is behaving themselves and not causing major problems which we have seen in the past when someone claims to be representing a site or group but I have received several emails from people asking me about this believing it to be me. Obviously I am NOT happy about this when I think of all the time and effort I have put into this site that is known to thousands of visitors as Ka'arpaaj. I have made a name for this site and to have someone do this upsets me to no end!

Taken from the Leni Parker Fan Club mailing list and Message Forum.

Leni's Birthdate
Wednesday, 05-Jan-2000 16:02:36

    Message: writes:

    I have not been able to find Leni's birhdate anywhere, other than the year, which I believe is 1966? Does anyone know what it is. I am putting a tribute page up for her and would love to include it. If anyone could email me I would greatly appreciate it.





1.3.00 Well, for those of you that don't know yet i'm expecting a child in late August and I've been having complications. I'm in my 2nd month and have already had to spend a week on bed rest and several individual days as well. Last night I started having severe cramping and had to go back to the Dr today and it appears the placenta has separated a bit and caused some internal bleeding and a number of blood clots.  I've been reduced to a desk job and extremely light duty but if things do not improve I will be forced on bed rest for quite some time so if your wondering why so slow with updates its a good bet i'm stuck in bed and if it cant be done from a laptop, it will have to wait.

12.31.99 I posted a new story   by Roguemoon and *drum roll* Tina Price's Perchance to Dream part 2 is now available! Its been 5 months and I think were all ready for it! Well its now Jan 1, 2000 00:001 in Moscow Russia. Here's to hoping to god that none of the nuclear missiles decided to launch since the place i'm sitting in right now has one of those missiles aimed at it! For those of you that don't know Russian leader Boris Yeltson welcomed in the new year this morning by resigning. (I actually woke up to the news on with that story) He appointed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to succeed him. Have a happy and safe new year every one and please remember to pick a person you can trust as your DD (Designated Driver) if you plan on drinking!

12.30.99 I got bored and started playing with filters and an image of Zo'or. The results are posted in the Humor section. I posted stories by Tracey Harnack and Kari Robinson. I also stopped by the sphere at the urging of a friend and I found my self laughing my butt off at there musings and comments based on Fox61's summary for the cloister. Here's a direct link to the topic. (Warning: Its PG-13)

Also a notice for everyone: Roddenberry On Nightline Tonight

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, an executive producer of Earth: Final Conflict and Kevin Sorbo's upcoming Andromeda series who played Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, and the voice of the computer on Star Trek, will appear on ABC's Nightline tonight.

The broadcast will feature several science fiction luminaries talking about how humans projected their own future versus how the future is shaping up. Martin Landau of Space: 1999, Charlton Heston of Soylent Green and the Planet of the Apes films, and Whoopi Goldberg of Star Trek: The Next Generation will also appear. Majel Barrett Roddenberry is the widow of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. --ABC


12.29.99 Posted images from Pad'ar and new stories from Tracey Harnack and Roguemoon.

12.28.99 Well this is one Xmas I hope to soon forget and from what I've heard from a few of you yours was just as bad as mine was.  We'll just have to try for a better Xmas next year=) Anyway I have posted a new Story by Roguemoon and posted 165 images from The Cloister which is my favorite ep from the last 3 seasons. I plan on making a screen saver or 2 from it since I think I finally found some software to make them=) I'm also working hard on a new goodie for everyone but I'm sorry to say it will only be available to IE 4 & 5 users since its based on ActiveX technology, its definitely a cool toy. I have been testing it for almost a month now and it seems stable so I'm hoping to have it ready sometime in January for you all.

One more day! I have already received my most precious gift of the year and will share it with you all that do not yet know what it is when I return=) I have posted 2 new stories by Kari Robison that are adorable. One is  about
father/son bonding and the other (my favorite) Boone brings home a puppy to Braedon... without consulting Da'an first. For those of you that haven't read any of Kari's stories she often plays in Tina Price's universe with Tina's blessing. So if your a fan of Tina's you'll LOVE Kari! Word has it Tina's story has been delayed but is expected to be ready by the new year. Happy Holidays Everyone!

What Is Christmas?
   Faith and hope and love, which cannot be bought or sold or bartered, but only given away, are the wellsprings--firm and deep--of Christmas celebrations. These are the gifts without price, the
ornaments incapable of imitation, discovered only within oneself, and are, therefore, unique. They are not always easy to come by, but they are in unlimited supply-- ever in the province of all.

    This Christmas, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion, and replace it with trust.Write a love letter. Share some treasure. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Listen. Apologize if you are wrong. Try to understand. Flout envy. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Appreciate. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little. Laugh a little more. Deserve confidence. Take up arms against malice.Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of this earth. These are inklings of a vast category. . .a mere scratching of the surface. They are simple things. You have heard them all before, but their influence has never been measured.

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!


12.22.99  Added a new story by Roguemoon.  Added a page of  Xmas music.  Yes I know, its in 3 days, I haven't had the time to post them.   Also, Kari Robinson has written the cutest Da'an/Boone story, now if I can just pry it out of her hands and post it! For now you'll just have to do with reading her latest which is posted over at Tina Price's site and its absolutely lovely! And for you Tina Price fans don't despair! Rumor has it that her story will be ready by Xmas! Now DON'T go bugging her asking if its done yet because all it does is sidetrack her and take away the time needed to get that story done! The minute its done I hear about it. Believe me=) It will be posted as soon as its done and believe me my relatives are going to have a fit when I visit because I'll be tying up the phone line all night waiting! I think I was up waiting till 5am last year=)

12.20.99 I added a new story by Roguemoon and as the UTE awards enters its final nomination days I thought I would  give it a boost of publicity and help bring recognition to those who devote so much time and energy to EFC and bring you the quality stories and websites. So please send in your nominations to those who truly deserve it!

12.15.99 I forgot to tell you I added some Xmas fic's from Lyta, Delma and Tracy yesterday.

12.11.99 It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of the Toys for Tots program. This is a nation wide program that takes NEW toys and gives them to needy children.  I know that 99% of you can afford $5-10 for a new toy so come on and share the holiday spirit! I have seen the faces of these children when they receive these gifts and they are overjoyed! Maybe its because its not my nature to be a grinch when it comes to helping others but I have found that what I give often comes back to me 10 fold in many ways=)

12.7.99 Yours truly is in a MUCH BETTER mood tonight and posted something's that have been floating around the office entertaining us for the holiday season in the new section called "Fun Christmas Timewasters" Elf Bowling is the game of choice around here!

12.6.99 Posted one new story by Delma, Two by Lyta. Installed better chat room that can be connected to via IRC or the web. Added a bunch of Wav files. Added a few links. And I cant remember what the heck all I did last night, I have been absolutely exhausted the last week so my head has been up in the clouds and not down on earth. If you find something else I changed please let me know. Also if you find something wrong or a broken link PLEASE tell me. Nothing makes me madder then to find something's been up for all to see and it contains errors! I have an anonymous little reporting thing at the top of this page for a REASON. Please USE it. I'm crashing into bed now. Night.

12.5.99 Well I've been putting all my nervous energy to work and hopefully everyone will get to see all the new goodies I've been working on next week!=)

12.3.99 I thought I would try something a little different for the update but it didn't work as I'd planned so maybe I'll do it at Xmas=) Anyway I posted a new Xmas pic in the humor section. Posted 2 more eps worth of season 3 images, 3 stories by Lyta and you will notice these little though out the site. They indicate Xmas material is within.
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