ok so its not EFC related but it is something I feel strongly about. Disagree? Then read this!


3.11.2008 Wow, its 2008, 10 years since EFC started. The fandom is still alive an well although much smaller then in years past there's still ton's of stuff out there and they even put seasons 1 and 2 on DVD recentally. I do peak in on this site from time to time and if something is missing that you need just drop me a line but like most people life has gone on and I don't have much time for the fandom but I do keep an eye on whats out there. :)

5.20.2005 Well, believe it or not this site has been up at least 6 years that I can remember and in that time I've rarely gotten any spam, until now. EFC is dead but there are still fans out there and for some reason this site still gets quite a bit of traffic so I leave it up. Anyway, I've been getting a huge amount of spam from some little shithead on a private network and he's spamming the fanfic authors with ridiculous amounts of spam so I deleted EVERYONE'S guestbook. Sorry folks but it you feel like tracing down the little shit here's his IP: 10.124.207.* Guy needs to get a life, we know you cant get laid buddy, you dont need to show us that fact.

9.11.02 WooHoo! I got access to my old drive that has all my data (including Ka'arpaaj) on it! So now I can start splitting up the files and get them posted for you. May take a bit longer though, My daughter is sick yet again:(

9.6.02 Well its been well over a year and one hell of a year at that! I've put almost the entire site back online tonight (gotta love high speed access) and I'll get the rest up over the next week! (yes really I will). I still have not seen the season finale so if any one wants to send it to me on tape feel free to do so. I've haven't heard a single good review but I'd like to see it for myself.  Hopefully I'll get some time to fill everyone in on why its taken so long sometime soon:) 


5.13.01 I've decided to move the site to a free host but it will take several days to complete so you'll notice errors and entirely missing sections while the move is made.

5.5.01 It breaks my heart to do this as I've put thousands of hours into this site over the last 2 years but around the 18th of this month this site will go offline for who knows how long, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months. I still have not returned to work and no longer have an income and welfare is not an option for me. I can no longer afford to keep this site open so until I return to work (hopefully soon) the site will close and email services will be terminated. Cheaper hosting is not really possible since this site is around 300MB in size which would cost a small fortune so I've already got the best deal. I am considering moving this site to a free host like tripod and taking the large sections like images (a whopping 50mb!) offline for now to save space but I don't know, i'm still figuring out how i'm going to download the entire site to my computer without my mother having a cow about my tying up the phone line for 17 hours) I have kept this site open for 2 years now but have have been off work for 16 months now from complications to the pregnancy then loosing my job because of my choice to breast feed my daughter (who we have since discovered is very formula allergic and would have died had I chosen to formula feed) and my funds are gone now=( On the upside I was able to return to school and have maintained a B average. YEA! Not bad for someone that's always been a really bad student=) I plan on going full time in the fall since I'll be getting a full grant to do so then I'll have to work part time. No clue what I want to get a degree in though, this semester I took 2 nutrition classes (one for adults and one for kids) in the fall I plan on taking sewing, photography and who knows what else but these are where my interest are right now. They may seem like a waste of time but these classes will help me improve my skills in those areas enough to be a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) and stay home with my daughter which is what I really want. Her "father" still has not seen her and wants nothing to do with us and has not given me a cent and even moved out of state a few months ago without so much as a call. I only found out threw a mutual friend. (oh joy, my sitter just called and with 3 weeks left of the semester she quit! I left Sarah with a family friend while I was at school this week since my sitter lost her mother and was out of town and she had a blast since she has 2 little girls close to Sarah's age, I hope I can get her to watch Sarah for these last 3 weeks) Anyway I'll have to figure out what i'm going to do with this site in the next few days (I'll probably find a free host) and find a new email address too=(  Anyway the update list is actually a database tied into the site that I don't have direct access to to email everyone and the list is HUGE so moving it into my personal address book is no small task so this is what I've decided to do. If you want to be notified where and when the site is moved or basically stay on the update list send an email to notifyme@kaarpaaj.com with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and my computer will filter it and add it to the list and I'll let you know what's going on. You must do this by May 15, 2001 because i'm leaving or rather hope to be leaving for the family reunion on the 16th and my email wont work past then. Which brings up another thing, if anyone has greatly benefited been made happy or just plain ol enjoyed this site and wish to help send me to the family reunion (and let my family finally see my beautiful daughter!) feel free to make a donation of any size through PayPal or BillPoint to boredtech@kaarpaaj.com 

3.18.01 Contrary to popular belief I have not forgotten about the site and will be fixing broken links over the next few days, I know about the screensavers and vanished pic's, but if you find any other broken links PLEASE drop me a line!

2.4.01 Posted a new story by Tracey Harnack.

12.20.00 Came up for a breath from mommyhood, added a few things and made a few cosmetic changes to the site... Added Season 4 episode pic's, sections for EFC items up for auction (there's at least 15 items in there) fixed the broken links in Tina Price's stories.  Added some fun Xmas time wasters and Xmas stories (non EFC)

Now about what's been going on in my life.... I never had to go back to work as I was terminated literally as soon as I told my boss I would continuing breastfeeding my daughter and would be pumping breast milk at work. Yes what they did is very legal in the US and there's a bill being introduced in congress in Jan 2001 to make it very illegal. I'm glad I choose to breastfeed her for a number of reasons including it turns out she is very allergic to every formula on the market including the prescription ones so its a very good thing I'm a *militant* breastfeeder (ya know, one of those formula is evil types=) anyway I've enjoyed spending 4 months at home watching her grow and I can stay home another 5 before money runs out and I have to find a job. Sarah's father is still no where to be seen and I heard through the grapevine that he moved to another state, all I can say about that is good riddance! I've managed to loose all my pregnancy weight and then some (57lbs) by 3 months postpartum (don't you ladies hate me=) Sarah's growing wonderfully and is very healthy but does have some bad food allergies so I've had to alter my diet to avoid them. I get her pic's back Xmas eve so I'll post them then and you can see what a beautiful little thing she is=) Anyway it's 2am and I have a 300 mile drive tomorrow so I'll see everyone when I get back for Xmas!

Happy Holidays Everyone!










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