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commonality   A mailing list for fans of Earth: Final Conflict where members are free to share their opinions without fear of being put down or 'flamed'. An open discussion about the show, episodes and the people involved. It's an ongoing conversation about something we all have in common, our admiration and hopes for a potentially great series. New and small this list has a major chance to grow with respect and consideration for all members..

CommonVoice Bi-monthly publication of information, Web site reviews, EFC fan fic (short or excerpts), episode reviews (limit three reviews per each episode), gossip and tidbits about cast and crew and anything else you may think of are all a part of Common Voice.. All members of the Commonality are welcome to   contribute! Encouraged to contribute in fact! Must be a member of commonality to subscribe.

 efc   A mailing list dedicated towards the general discussion of Gene Roddenberry's Earth:Final Conflict science fiction show. Feel free to look over our archives of messages! Join in our discussions. Grippe about how bad\good Season 2 is! Talk about the new characters, the technology in the future, parallel dimensions, and where to obtain your local Taelon shuttlecraft. Come in and lounge!  [Warning this list is high volume, at least 50+ emails per day]

 efc-fanfic   This list is for EFC fanfic. All stories will be accepted, Those containing adult content will be labeled. Also a good place to find fan fic as well

 efc_for_adults_only   Hi! Most of the lists on EFC are too tame for me. IF you feel the same, lets get together. There is a lot to think about, imagine and write about. Use your imagination! No holds barred - just be sure to label the kind of adult fiction you want to write and as long as it is legal, we will discuss it. Make sure you are 18 and not too sensitive - what you read or write might shock you.



 TheSynod   This list will serve as a news/ EFC discussion list for Companion Headquarters.

TaelonSynod   Purpose: To discuss Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict. A cooperative and supportive environment is encouraged, a forum in which metaphysical topics can be discussed in an openminded setting. Role play is optional. All species and beings are welcome. To be Da'an's Synod Subcommittee. To promote the success of Da'an's programs and influence in the Synod. To cooperate peacefully with humanity and facilitate the evolvement of humans, Taelons and other species. To seek a win-win possibly diplomatic solution to the Jaridian situation with which all can be comfortable. To find peaceful applications for both genetic programs and the meditative disciplines of all species for the continuation of research into evolvement and healing, including Sparrow's and Dr. Belman's work.

EFC-RobertLeeshock An Earth Final Conflict mailing list that features talk about Robert Leeshock as Liam Kincaid. Talk about the character or the man behind the character.

Efc-u This is an UNMODERATED mailing list dedicated to the syndicated television show "Earth: Final Conflict". Although the main topic of discussion will be E:FC, off topic discussions related to the show will be permitted. Subscribers will be free to state their opinion - whether positive or negative - no matter what. This list will also never become moderated.
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EFC-UK For discussion of the television program, Earth: Final Conflict, primarily in the UK. [For people over 17]

Efcetc offtopic\file transfer mailing list. Please see for details.

EFCSTVP   This is a discussion list where we can talk about our favorite television shows such as Earth Final Conflict, Star Trek Voyager, and The Pretender. Join us!!

EFC_LinetoFreedom This is a mailing list from players in the ULGS EFC Role-playing Group who have their characters in the Liberation Movement. Some of our posts maybe in character so be prepared and keep everything in good spirits!!!

EFC_RPG If you love Earth: Final Conflict and want to toy around with the story line, then by all means go ahead! This is the list for you! The entire thing plays out like a normal RP: characters, story line, settings. The stage is set. RP!
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Leelist This list is for all fans of Robert Leeshock, who currently plays Liam Kincaid on TVs EFC (Earth: Final Conflict).For more information,

UKI-TaelonD  This is a mailing list for the members of the UK/Ireland Taelon Division. The UK/I Taelon is a member of the ULSG roll-playing group. Our game is focused on the show Earth: Final Conflict and set in the UK/Ireland (of course). On this list we discuss mission ideas, character development and other game-related items. For more information or to join ULSG, please access the link below. All subscriptions will be approved after acceptance into the UK/I Division. Thank you for your patience. For more information,

Ustaelond This is a discussion list for members of US Taelon Division (part of ULSG, a RPG group).
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EFC-S Earth: Final Conflict slash discussion and fanfic list [For people over 17 and open to m/m and f/f relationships]

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efc This is about the show Earth: Final Conflict To subscribe, send a message to  or go the this e-group's home page at  

People interested in the television series Earth: Final Conflict.  To subscribe, send a message to  or go the this e-group's home page at   [I think this is for the people who post at Gene Roddenberry's Philosophysphere]

efcc (EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT CLUB) is a club for anyone who is interested in EFC to join!

leelist This list is for fans of Robert Leeshock, who currently plays Liam on the TV show Earth: Final Conflict.



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