Notes for those that missed the chat with Majel Roddenberry last week (like me) from lablanche. Thanks lablanche!


    I had to reboot, so might have missed some important moments, but I must say that she was delightful, gracious, and signed off with her usual "Peace and Love". The best I remember, and not necessarily in correct order, was that she said:

1. There would be more passion in the next season. But not too many Taelons, because they are too expensive. And no DS9 movie. Something about Paramount deciding that the story had run it's course.

2. Liam's powers would be toned down, much to the regret of the Liam fans, but she said something about a superman lead straying away from the original GR vision of the show.

3. She asked to be written out of season II because she objected to the storyline.

4. Kevin will only come back if he can be fitted into the story as Boone, not as a Jaridian as was suggested in the question. Majel said Kevin wouldn't like the part, and would only want to come back as Boone.

5. Her favorite GR series was TOS, then EFC, then TNG, then DS9/Voyager equally. Favorite ep of all time, "The Cage".

6. She loved playing Lwaxana, and said she recalled Gene coming home one day and saying, "Majel, I have a great part for you and you don't even have to act!" Then she went on to mention that Lwaxana was 'the mother from hell" (her exact words), and that Rod would attest to it. She has a self-deprecating sense of humor, and the way she said it was funny.

7. Said that season II abandoned the Roddenberry philosophy. My statement sounds calm, but she used capitals at one point when she wrote it, so I know she meant it.

8. She is one episode so far, Deja Vu. And at least one more is planned, "Subterfudge". HAHA!!! Her slip, I knew she meant subterfuge. I had to have some chocolate chip cookies as a result of the suggestion.

9. She is busy working on the new series, Andromeda, and playing golf with the OTHER Kevin. They have discussed storylines. Kevin is a great golfer. It should be released in the fall of 2000, and is being produced in Vancouver, so she said she would be very busy running between Toronto, Vancouver, and L.A.

10. The music should be out by Christmas.
And off-topic, she is planning a refuge for abandoned circus and zoo animals in GR's name. It would be a place for elephants, big cats and others to live out their lives in dignity. Working at a nature center where we provide homes for unreleasable small animals (snakes, birds, turtles), it is a worthy cause that is close to my heart. My already high opinion of her has grown even more.






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