Only official sites and sites that are updated regularly will be posted here unless they offer something that is hard to find. (Or I visit them from time to time)


Official Site's
The Taelons
The Resistance

Official Fan Club's
Leni Parker Fan Club (Da'an)
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Richard Chevolleau Fan Club
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Anita La Selva Fan Club

Lisa Howard Fan Club
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Robert Leeshock Fan Club
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Jayne Heitmeyer Fan Club


Other Sites of Interest: (It's a much coveted honor to be placed here)

DaT's E:FC Site (pretty nice site, watch out Augur!)
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David Hemblen Fan Site
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Immortal Flower's E:FC website Nice graphics and quite a few desktop images that are pretty nice. This girl put some effort into her site. Its good to see when fan's care enough to show it through there work on their web sites.
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